Multiple Tesla Owners Say They Got Stuck In Their Car After It Lost Power

In an unexpected turn of events, numerous Tesla owners reported getting stuck in their vehicles after power loss, raising concerns about the reliability of the electric car’s systems. Simultaneously, a different kind of glitch was causing distress in the digital realm. Twitter, formerly known as X, suffered a malfunction that rendered a substantial portion of internet history inaccessible, leaving users puzzled and nostalgic.

The glitch, which emerged last Friday, triggered a cascade of images and links posted on the platform between 2011 and 2014 to disappear. This spanned from viral moments like Ellen DeGeneres’ star-studded Oscar selfie to significant events such as the Arab Spring and posts from the K-Pop sensation BTS. Twitter users were perplexed as countless pieces of digital memorabilia vanished from their feeds.

Among the first to notice the anomaly was Tom Coates, who posted about the issue on Saturday. His observation quickly gained traction, amassing over 15.2 million views. Community notes began to emerge, asserting that the affected images were still stored on Twitter’s servers despite being inaccessible on users’ timelines.

Brazilian user @DaniloTakagi reported similar difficulties on Friday, echoing the frustration of many as they found themselves cut off from a portion of the internet’s history. The issue’s cause remains uncertain, with neither Twitter nor its chairman, Elon Musk, addressing the situation. The glitch appeared amid a series of outages and instability that have plagued the platform since Musk’s extensive workforce reductions in the previous year.

This incident underscores the fragility of digital archives and raises concerns about the long-term preservation of Internet culture. The reliance on technology to document and share pivotal moments means that glitches like this can erase digital memories en masse, leaving users without access to cherished content. As the online realm becomes increasingly intertwined with daily life, these incidents emphasize the need for robust backup strategies and maintenance protocols to safeguard our digital heritage.

While Tesla owners grapple with their unexpected car troubles, Twitter’s glitch serves as a reminder that even the most advanced systems can falter, potentially robbing the world of its digital history. As the technological landscape evolves, it becomes imperative to address such challenges and develop mechanisms to ensure that the collective memory of the internet remains intact for future generations.

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