Motiv Ring Is Actually A Subtle Fitness Tracker That You Can Wear As Jewellery

motiv ring

Fitness trackers are a great gadget to monitor your daily activities, however, there are two main problems with them. One, they need to be continuously charged and second, they look very obvious on the wrist. To cater to these issues, a new device called Motiv ring has been introduced which aims to solve these problems. The $200 ring is designed to be worn on your hand 24 hours a day. It can stay charged for five days and can be recharged using a small charger which can be attached to a keychain as well.

The Motiv ring is a heart rate sensor, fitness tracker, and sleep tracker. It is about the size of a wedding band. The company aimed to make the ring as small and slim as possible. It can count your steps, track your runs, and can help you get a sound sleep. Previously, the ring only worked with iPhones, but now Motiv has made it compatible with Android as well.

The Motiv ring is meant to be worn all day. It has an onboard memory for up to five days. Therefore, you don’t need to connect your ring to your phone for it to work. The ring comes in two magnificent colors, slate grey and rose gold. It as a built-in heart rate sensor and is intended to be a fitness and sleep tracker. Like other fitness bands, the Motiv ring also tracks your activity and stores it in an app where you can set both fitness and sleep goals for yourself.

Before delivering your order, Motiv will send you a sizing kit so that you can ensure that the ring fits perfectly. The ring should be worn on your index, middle, or ring finger and can be worn on either hand. The company states that the ring should be worn all the time. It is made of ultra-light titanium which doesn’t catch or snag on anything and also doesn’t feel heavy on your hand.

The Motiv ring is waterproof, therefore, you can also wear the ring while exercising, swimming or bathing. It comes with two chargers, one that you can keep on your desk and the other one which can attach to your keyring. The ring can be charged within 90 minutes.

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