Here’s Why You Should Get An iPhone 7 Instead of Getting The New iPhone XR, XS Or XS Max

iphone 7 vs iphone XR which one should you buy

iPhone has started offering its new devices with a four-digit price tag. The $1000 iPhone XS and $1100 iPhone XS Max will be out of reach for some, but those who want to get the iPhone experience might want to invest their money in one of their devices. You might want to buy $750 iPhone XR if you are not up to spend $1000 but there are some things which you should know about iPhone 7 before purchasing an iPhone XR. The good thing is that Apple is keeping iPhone 7 and 7 Plus alive in case anyone wants to experience that under $600.

The iPhone 7 is still a fantastic smartphone even after getting two generations old. It still stands as a reliable phone among its older or newer versions. Here are the five reasons which should convince you to buy an iPhone 7 instead of buying an iPhone XR.

Same iOS Experience

You will pay less for the iPhone 7 but will get the latest version of iOS, that is iOS 12. It has better performance for older iPhones and updates to the notification system and other great tweaks which makes the iPhone operating system better and much easier to use.

Lighter and Thinner

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are lighter and thinner than all other new iPhones. The iPhone 7 Plus is a little heavier than the $1000 iPhone XS. However, it is still thinner.

Home Button & Fingerprint Scanner

If you are one of those who are not ready to adopt the Face ID or the new gestures to navigate around iOS 12, then you should get iPhone 7. It still comes with the traditional home button and Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The phone will give you the classic iPhone experience.

Great Camera

iPhone 7 takes great pictures and comes with a dual-lens camera system. One of the lenses it has can perform a 2x zoom as well. The new iPhones offer features like Smart HDR, but iPhone 7 will still be able to give amazing pictures.

Higher Resolution Display

The $750 iPhone XR has a 6.1-inch display and a screen resolution of 828p. This is close to the iPhone 7 4.7-inch display with 750p than iPhone 7 Plus which has a 5.5-inch display with 1080p resolution. This means that iPhone 7 Plus gives a much sharper screen than the latest iPhone in the market today.

These are some of the reasons which you might consider before investing in the latest iPhone. If it’s only to get the iPhone experience, you should consider getting a low priced phone which has the same functionalities as the latest one.

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