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Motiv Is A New Full Fitness Tracker In Form Of A Single Ring

motiv fitness ring

Pic Credits: motiv

Indeed, the Fitness trackers have become commonplace, with FitBit products leading the lot. But the fact that they are not making any groundbreaking headlines is unexpected, which prompts us to think about the rift that these companies do not address. Trying to capture this void is Motiv, a fitness tracker that is squeezed inside a single finger ring. It does everything a Fitbit does, track your heart rate, your steps, sleep and “active minutes” while being as discreet as possible.

Pic Credits: motiv

CEO of the Motiv, Mike Strasser claims he built this device to help people be active for at least 150 minutes per week. From an outsider, the ring looks like any other ornament and is very light, relatively unobtrusive. It comes in gray and rose gold colors, and has an “ultralight titanium shell.”

Pic Credits: motiv

Motiv’s battery charges with a magnetic charging dock that can be plugged into any standard USB port, and the ring comes in a pair so you can charge one while using the other. The product has its companion smartphone app, which gets sends all your data in an easy to read and save format. You can dig down into the data, though and scan minute by minute readings to check your health status, irrespective of the fact that whether you were awake or asleep.

Pic Credits: motiv

With a built-in heart rate tracking, the ring tells you how many hours you need to exert to meet your activity goal. A Motiv spokesperson spoke about their device,

“The ring uses active minutes because it’s a less abstract goal than 10,000 steps or a certain amount of calories burned, and it does seem like something with the potential to encourage slightly more active exercise. But it also works as a pedometer if you’re used to tracking steps over other metrics.”

On the issue of device’s battery getting overheated and burning the fingers, Motiv’s spokesperson said that the company designed a curved battery, which has been approved after a lengthy beta period to avoid excessive heating.

You can pre-order the device for $199. The company will first send you a kit with fake rings to measure your finger size, and then you will get a ring accordingly.