Most Dangerous Special Forces Of The World. See How Your Country’s Army Looks Today

Dangerous forces

In the present world, no country is ready to compromise on its defense. Therefore, military forces are always looking to improve their training and equipment. Over the years, special forces have seen radical changes in both training and the military gear they carry. Today, we have assembled a show-down of how various special forces of the world look with their full gear and equipment. Which special force is the best in your opinion? Let us know in comment box below.

Australian SASR

Australian SASR

Austrian Special Forces

Austrian special forces

Black Cat Commandos, India

black Cat Commandos

British SAS

British SAS

Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit

Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit

Chinese Armys Cavalry Division

Chinese Army's Cavalry Division


Marcos India

Danish Frogman Corps

Danish Frogman Corps

Danish Special Forces

Danish Special Forces

French Commando Marine

French Commando Marine

French Commando

French Special Forces

German Army Special Forces

German Army Special Forces

German KSK

German KSK

Iranian Special Forces

Iranian Army 1

Iranian Army

Iraqi Special Forces

Iraqi special forces

Irish army rangers

Irish army rangers

Israeli Special Forces

Israeli Special Forces

JTF2 Canada

JTF2 canada

Korean Special Forces

Korean Special Forces

MARSOC – United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command


Mexican Special Forces

Mexican Special Forces

New Zealand Special Forces

New Zealand Special Forces

Norwegian Armed Forces

Norwegian Armed Forces’ Special Command

Norwegian Navy Special Forces

Norwegian Navy Special Forces

Norwegion MJK

Norwegion MJK

Special Services Group (SSG), Pakistan

Pakistan SSG

Peruvian Army

Peruvian Army

Polish GROM

Polish GROM

ROC Taiwan Special Forces

ROC Taiwan Special Forces

Romanian Special Forces

Romanian Special Forces

Russian Special Forces Spetsnaz

Russian Special Forces Spetsnaz

Special Boat Service (SBS), UK


SEK-M Special Forces, Germany

SEK-M special forces

Serbian Gendarmerie

Serbian Gendarmerie

South Koreas 707th Special Mission Battalion

South Korea's 707th Special Mission Battalion

Tanzanian Special Forces

Tanzanian Special

US Special Forces

U.S. Special Forces

US Army Special Forces Sniper

US Army Special Forces Sniper



See These Forces In Action


  1. Jack Reply

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  2. Unggul Reply

    Why no indonesia marine here?? See all international shooting tournament who is the winner ?

  3. Hilal Reply

    Sri Lanka Army. Above singal troop didnt defet teror face to face attak. But SL army done it.

  4. Timur Bornova Reply

    Web master. You made me laugh. Can you please answer me? “Who was the winner of Special Forces Competition again in again and that is why that competition was cancelled?”. You even did not put that Elite group. The other special forces is Brasilian BOPE.

  5. amirreza Reply

    search for iranian navy forces…….
    iran is peaceful country because of them…..
    thanks commandos

  6. Why Pak vs India ?? Reply

    Yha comments ma bhi indians or pakistani aik dosra sa lara mara ja rha hn

  7. Ibnuendut Reply

    Every country will claim their commandos are the very best even they have no evidence in massive battle, just depends on their heavy traning (fact)… all commandos will trained to exceeds other armed forces limits but i will tell you who’s the best of the best…

    The trully brutals and victorious commandos in the world is Brigade Izzudin Al Qassam under Hamas armed forces… never defeated even surrounded over the years by zion and including sas and seals…

    sas and us navy seals is nothing to proud… just media propaganda, all comandos able to arranged moved rapidly everywhere anytime… all the same but not Izzudin Alqassam… trully special unit

    • nobody Reply

      We don’t pride ourselves in killing women and children, we leave that to the like of Hamas and other such poor soldiers.

    • Madhav Reply

      “Its better to die than to be a coward”..gorkhali…Nepali…you should have a strong heart… .never surendered to any country..never got defeated….we rather die than to be surrendered…….

      • Unknown Reply

        don’t eat shit buddy ! everyone know lost countrys are week as shit ! punch dumb bastard dosn’t need to Define LOL

    • Steve Reply

      The SAS are some of the finest of any special forces units in the world and their combat record proves it.

    • Jak Reply

      I was a commandos earlier in my life. I don’t know those one specific in person. But, I agree with your comment it’s true!!

    • Elite Malaysian Patriot Reply

      Yeah.. I do agree.Cause Joel Lambert caught by them and the extraction are still miles away… South east Asia army are one of the kind.. Rainforest is our playground… Only ASEAN army is the jungle warrior… Modernday Western won’t survive even 3 months in the World Oldest Rainforest!!…

      • Steve Reply

        Yes they will survive they will adapt to their surroundings just like they have in every war they have been in.

    • Richard Reply

      Australia V Japan KOKODA TRAIL 1942 Heavyweight Jungle Warfare Title Fight. Nothing else comes close. Artillery pieces hauled up jungle mountains. Cannibalism.

  8. Enushka Reply

    Lol fun fact i respect any army soldier how ever one of the best armies which defeates the terrorists in their country, which is sri lankan army is not in the list. The more attention should be given to talented armies not the most expensive armies

    • Major Kunal Mistry(indian MARCOS) Reply

      Guys this comment is important. Don’t read it half.You should read this full comment.

      First I should inform that Indian black cat commandos and chinese cavalry shouldn’t have been in the list .Well I am an Indian but if I am told to choose the best then I will choose the British S.A.S. Next on my list are the SEALs and then the MARCOS. Well they all basically have the same type of training including deprive of sleep(sleeping time is just more than 30mins.per day). 20km walking in mud with 60kgs strapped on your back. The only thing which gives them position is their mission enlistment and age.All goes at par.
      P.S.- I don’t agree with enushka’s comment. We’re talking about special forces here. Not the army. And as for srilankan special forces. Let me tell you guys they are nowhere.

  9. Th3_doct0r Reply

    Bhaijanu Chill ?so lets suppose Indian army is best but the thing is Ek Pakistan ke waja sy sara du ya Aag main para haa. So its One vs Whole world. PAKISTAN Vs World. Baki ap samjhdar hou ab kun best ha. Ek be’kar sy Army ke waja sy saarey dunya ke nend haram ha. So chill brothers and let the childs have some fun. #Peace

    • Badass Reply

      Learn to speak English. Then learn to type. Then come and see if the big boys will let you play. Until then just buzz off.

  10. UJJWAL Reply


  11. Guest Reply

    *Turkish Maroon Berets*
    They are taking training 3,5 years.
    Maroon Berets’s main mission is special operations and defence.
    They are all of the terrorist organization’s Nightmare.
    They are catched the ?emdin Said from north Iraq.
    Only Maroon Berets are taking trust shot training.
    Trust Shot: It is exercised on the last month of the training and is to ensure that the soldiers can trust each other with their lives. The Trust Shot consists of two members of a squad standing next to paper target boards, while another member fires on the targets with a handgun while walking towards them from 15 meters (49 feet) away. During the exercise the men standing next to the targets are not allowed to move or wear body armor.
    In 4 Special Forces Competition they became the first.
    Other special forces are unlocked the loka locks in 10-13 seconds. But Maroon Berets unlocked in 7 seconds.
    They are making point shot in 200m.
    They can give up their family for mission.
    All of the Maroon Berets are good Parachuters.
    They are dead-machines

    • Unknown Reply

      LOL nice joke turkish even not on that list !! those ass lickers never best the dead machine are blong to big and giant countrys !! so plz stop saying bullshit !

        • Unknown

          i know more then you shit head . for now isis fucked your peoples where is that dumb fucks comandos!?! .now plz stfu retarded

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    • Uknown Reply

      What is the point of a special force like the one u describing (Turkish Maroon Berets), if they betray the very core of the Army? Quote “Give up their family for mission”. Ur supposed to protect that fagot

  12. Zake Reply

    I am a reasearcher of the fact of strength of armies, the budgets which the governments are spending upon the armies and the quality and quantity observer of the armies on all over the countries. I realized that they didnt indicate the Turkish special forces named as Maroon Berets which is the best one in the world due to the fact that they have been in the endeavour of eliminating the terrorist organization (PKK). There is no doubt that the US army is the best and the Russian one is the second best in the world; however in the context of special forces, I must admit this…

    1- Maroon Berests (Turkish)
    2- Delta Force (US)
    3- Spetsnaz (Russian)

  13. James Smith Reply

    Cavalry with swords? They might be tough physically but a platoon of anything with full-auto weapons would make the “Charge of the light brigade” look like a picnic. To be fair, this might be a ceremonial unit for tradition’s sake.

  14. Nikolaos Reply

    All of the countries mentioned above and all the others not mentioned have professional, highly trained personnel,vast combat experience and advanced technological equipment. Certainly, some of them can be considered to be above some others as the article earlier presented but only when we make a comparison with today’s standards.
    Most of the comments above are only swearing and mumbling and hypothetical aggressive imagination of what would happen if each country did this,the other country did that…
    However, proven history is the only real comparison someone can make, things that happened and cannot be changed whether we like it or not.
    Every army has earned the right to be called tough and unique. Which country does not have an army or a special military unit that jumps out of aircraft,takes navy seal training and undergoes Hells Week, dogfights about national airspace, conducts survival training in winter warfare, patrols the sea under severe storms and many other situations we have never imagined.
    I will tell you what is tough and unique : Taking a child from his mother at the age of seven in order to learn to serve his country, learn to respect his fellow people and his opponent, learn discipline, learn to use his mind, learn proper writing and reading,learn to coexist, learn to survive in all harsh conditions of hunger,cold and heat, learn to fight, learn to embrace blood, learn to be deadly all in order to ensure the protection of his country and the ideals of his country.

    Tough is to hold a 25kg shield and cover a distance of 1480m running your heart out to engage the enemy without breaking phalanx formation!
    Tough is to wear a bronze helmet with the heat peaking while defending a narrow strait of land against endless waves of men.
    Tough is to hold the fleeing ships of the enemy with your hands, and when they cut them, hold them with your head until it is beheaded.
    Tough is to fight over the body of a real King in order to keep it from falling into enemy hands when your spear is broken and your shield is cracked.
    Tough is to keep paddling with all your strength in a trireme which is set in ramming position knowing you are the last hope of your people.
    Tough is to lead your men always in front of them with no sign of fear, riding against arrows and swords, inspiring them against all odds at the age of 23..

    Time and history will show whether the armies of the article can earn a unique position in eternity…

  15. black Eagle Reply

    Where Is our SWADS?who are the NAVY SEALS Of Asia.

  16. SimpleButNeverStupid Reply

    LOL. U can said the most dangerous in view of individual skills , can be seen at practice and a shooting competition between countries. Don’t Believe this, JOKE

  17. Me Reply

    I’m probably biased, in fact I know I am, however! The Australian SASR goes through a three-week selection course that has about a 92% attrition rate, then they do 18-months reinforcement training (which is still pretty much a part of selection) and I’d imagine always weeds a couple more guys out. So at this stage it’s probably safe to say that over the full selection and reinforcement training that somewhere between 90-95% on average won’t make it into the Regiment. From there they complete another 12 months advanced and specialised training and then a further 6-12 months pre-deployment training. So three to three and a half years training before they even seen combat. Within the SASR there is also TAG West, which is where they go to train in counter-terrorism and CQB. I have no idea how long the training is but everyone in the Regiment must master it. Basically to become qualified for TAG, you have to be proficient in HAHO/HALO and SCUBA qualified. Basically before they get to TAG they have to have pretty much mastered all the capabilities of all other SOF units (such as Navy SEALs, Green Berets and Rangers) and then become just as capable at counter-terrorism as the 1st SFOD-D (Delta Force) and DEVGRU (SEAL Team 6).

    I’m not saying that special missions units like Delta Force and ST6 aren’t extremely capable a highly trained. It’s just that the Australian SASR has to be able to perform such a massive variety of roles all at once. Delta Force and ST6 are counter-terrorism units, thats pretty much what they do, but the SASR rotates its three squadron roughly every 12 months so that it can perform all the same tasks as regular SOF and SF units would usually do (as in the more overt stuff) and then also perform the covert counter-terrorism operations.

    • John A Reply

      I can vouch for this. THe US Navy SEALS and British SAS have huge respect for these guys. In the War on terror, they took down an entire province and assasinated several high ranking taliban officers.

  18. Dilan Wijerathne Reply

    According to the giving list, seems the person who made is with poor knowledge about military, Sri Lankan LLPP is the most dangerous in the world and they are only force who defeated terrorism 100% all others juts babies front of Sri Lankan army. Tun Zu (Author of “Art of war”) says this one Million army get defeated from 30,000 men. and having more man power or weapons does not mean they are best or they can win a war. it’s a art. better to go histor and see what happen to USA in Vietnam. Refere this doc

    The best forces in the Earth Sri Lankan three forces

    • ....... Reply

      another bullshit from Sri Lankan guy LOL pal that dumb army you called best can fucked1000 time by us army

      • Kevin Reply

        Sri Lankan LRRP is definitely one of the best in the world. Their training is immensely hard and sometimes candidates unfortunately do die, even in the regular army. Members in this special force are classified, their activities are classified, their training is classified, any thing you can think of. True that the US army has more weapons and shit,but I tell you if it was a fair war with same amount of personnel, equipment etc the LRRP will fuck even the Navy Seals.

        By the way I respect the navy seals, I respect all forces all over the world but arguing who’s best is pointless. An army should be there to protect their country and not to compete over other countries. Sri Lanka is a very good example. My point is respect all countries’ forces and don’t underestimate other special forces.

        • .......

          if Sri Lankan LRRP is best there can be on most deadly forces is worldwide LOL but there can’t kill one us army ranger there skill like shit . i respact too for all armys but say best in earth !! is really ridiculous if you want say best on earth you can point it on us army ranger and seals cause there are have awsome tactic and skills more then more other armys . if this is so hard to believe you can compare on internet about us army to see more info !!!

        • Kevin

          I never said they were the best. I said they are one of the best. That means there are other excellent special forces along. And to your point ‘they can’t kill a US army ranger’ well that’s because they are not fighting with them, and fighting or killing them doesn’t mean anything to them, there is no point. The Sri Lankan army doesn’t go after other countries to find war. They are only there if there is a threat to their own country. Yes and Navy seal might be better than the LRRP but you cannot be sure can you? no navy seal has undertaken LRRP training and no LRRP member has undertaken navy seal training that I’m aware of. And their skill isn’t shit, how much training and mental courage do you need to go deep into the jungle, survive there for months with limited equipment along with tropical snakes and other animals that you might have to deal with or survive on, going into unknown territory and assassinating the enemy leader and coming back with all the possibilities that you might get tortured and killed if caught. ‘Jungle training in any armed forces is the hardest training and if you can survive the jungle you can survive anything.’ SAS says this. Navy seals and rangers etc might be better but as long as any special force does their duty properly does it matter?

      • Dominic Reply

        You don’t understand what skill and attitude is than how powerful the army they come from is
        I dont really like the USA as a country because of their history to how they got where they are but they are very good. Look at their knives the SEAL went through the most vigorous testing. But i reckon the NZ SAS is one of the best. I dont know where they got “NewZealand Special Forces from”.

        • .......

          yeah yeah yeah !!! what ever i don’t care about bullshits

  19. ankit rohilla Reply

    Recently a joint army xrcise was held in wch 63 countries participated and indian army won the gold medal over us nd all armies, indian navy MARCOS are ahead in physical and mental toughness xcept the edge cutting technology of US which is the advantage they have, indian air force in the joint indo uk exercise in 2015 had such results that indian sukhoi mki fighter pilots defeated the british raptor and american f-16 in the dog fight as stated by the american express that f-16 lacks behind the indian sukhoi in dog fight one because of the manuevering lack and the high speed it has problems in target tracking but still f-16 is best, moreover iafs 5th generation tejas is incresing its counts, now using indian technology ,russia is goin to make the worlds best nd fastest fighter aircraft that will be deployed in india also for their survice, america is dependent on india brains solely for their manpower resource and indian minds working there, apart of the warfare and technology, the thing to boast of is the population that makes india the worlds largest standing army. the only thing india is lagging behind is the technology in defence warfares, artillary and equipments just because most of the brilliant brains of india are serving in US. because those people chose humanity not war. the world is theirs.the money value is a big factor for this..we indians dont boast, we prove better..yes there are disputes within the country, like everyone fights on small issues in the family, but when it comes to the international, there is no relegion, we all are indians then. the strength that binds hundreds of races castes relegions together is the power if india..NOW after gurdaspur attack, indian army general said in a UN peacekeeping conference that if given permission, india wont take more than 25 minutes to delete pakistan from world map. if its a one sided war between india and pakistan only, pak knows better whos gonna be wiped off. its the peace lovers indians and moreover the international UN peacekeeping policies that impose the pressures to avoid war. pakistan is suffering a world bank debt of about 300 bn and india is going to be the worlds fastest growing economy, everyone is glued on india with the hope of growth of technology from all major industrialists round the world, but if a war happens, the whole economy will be drowned..IF a son has disputes from his father and the father gives him another home to live seperately, why does he tries to kill the dad, pakistan(son) along with bangladesh bhutan and all was a part of india(father) itself, aur baap baap hota h, beta beta hota h. so dear pakistani brothers, live and let live.dont compell us show u what can v do,otherwise.

  20. Preetesh Indian Reply

    Hello dude all porki your ssg is so stupid and ran away seeing Indian Army not even indian commando in kargil war and the point was ‘tango charlee’ . And now when our great P.M. Narendra Modi is working hard to mordernaization of weapons and happy 2 say he is sucessful in his work . You all porkiss are jealous of our India.

    My brother is posted in J&K Para SF 8 and he says we jst need an order from Indian government and we are ready to attack pok.

    Now when America has stopped helpping u .You are asking help from chinese Army .

    • fahd Reply

      we are waiting…you.indic dick suckers only bark…1509 of ur brave soldiers were massacred during kargil when it was ur brave army command that forced ur poltical assholes to beg the US to intervene and help save the remaining of those brave guys who were filmed more than once begging Pakistani Army soldiers to spare them their pathetic lives.
      fucking hot or cold….we r waiting. the best u do is attack ur own cities and blame it on Pakistan… try fighting real men and all that ia heard from u are tears. idiots.

      • hindi Reply

        And your source mullapedia. Advantage of 1600 ft still had to run away like hizdas.. Dont even open your mouth. A war is won when the objective is achieved, which you have never achieved. And what more proof of achievement shall we give you when we already gave u BANGLADESH. excuse excuse and excuse go die of shame

    • AbuzerAD Reply

      If india have very strong ARMY and world most strongest Military. You can destroy Pakistan anytime.

      Still you, your people and your government is only giving statements from last 67 Years.
      You guys are scared from China and Pakistan. Those who can do something never talk a lot.

      Your ARMY only attack unarmed Innocent Kashmiri people.


      • pankaj sharma Reply

        what about 1965, 1972 and kargil,and kashmir is our internal matter, who r u. and one more thing what happend in mumbai….these people were not innocent kill by your religious terrorist… where is shame?

      • nameer Reply

        VERY TRUE India only attack innocent kashmiris and have turned kashmir into hell and indian P.M Narendra Modhi is is making kashmir worst

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          Maroon Barets are not used to fight against PKK they were way too ferocious in the battle and thanks to our previous fucking leader they took them off from the operations against PKK, but hey anyone remember those 7 american soldiers that were captured within a blink of an eye ? Yeah those were maroon barets U.S responded angrily, once we are free of our idiot politicans know that a darkness will fall upon so called super powers of the world.

    • THeGReek Reply

      pls man . get serius . dont make yourself look even more rediculous

  22. peter mathew.k.m Reply

    Sooner or later we will see all these forces, united together, save the earth from aliens. That may the challenge the Great Spirit throw upon all the different views expressed. Are they tuned for that, please enlighten. Because we are ready for the known dangers that is “we”. Latest star war movies, starring these forces, may give the required motivational glimpse to the younger generation. Please permit me, through mail, to take these to my class room for discussion. So that they will know the world, comments of hatred and peace, light and dark, peace and war. Deny food for your body just for one day and think. Then only we can understand. Otherwise we will just read and know.

    • ....... Reply

      you really watch aliens movie pal !!? lol there is no alien in spece just bullshits the movies feed you

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  24. shahriar Reply

    please search about iranian nopo forces
    I think they are really strong and skilfully

  25. hossein Reply

    hi how is Iran army ?
    you can search NOPO word in net and see how is Iran army

    • Ki john kee Reply

      Nobody I ever see include the US Army Rangers, they are usually the ones you see rescuing US hostages, and they held out on a dan with only guns no air support or e vac for days on a dam with a few wounded no dead, low ammo and high enemy losses on their side in the middle east. So shouldn’t they dazerve a place on these kind of posts?

      • ....... Reply

        heh for now us army rengers is down then iran special forces mate don’t say bullshit mate . also us army too many time failed and lose on battlefield . so we can say iraninan special forces is have batter balls then us guys lol

  26. Rhys Reply

    A very important factor, I noticed had been the age of the movie on youtube is also playing its part, therefore I’d want to
    retry these methodologies when my video clips become old on Youtube.

  27. Patricia Reply

    It’s an amazing post for all the online viewers; they will obtain advantage from it I am sure.

  28. dbrownf Reply

    I think the guy who wrote this article was just getting his info by browsing through the internet and whatever he found first was what he posted. And his criteria was probably ‘ which ever country that looked the tacticoolest “

  29. Tadda abbajaan Reply

    Pakistani Fukrey….. saley chor pukhe te fukrey… lost all wars to India mentioned in Wikipedia… check youtube statements of US official and pakistani’s own media and gernalists. Ghr mai peshawar tak gusaa diya aur tumhare baap bund utha ke UN ke paas baag gye ki hume chudne se bachayo. Kargil haar gye. Daddy ke purane kache beta daalta hai. Aur uske baad chota bhai aur vo bi sil sil ke. Aur baate sun lo inki.

    Ithe baithe fukri maar rye hai. Ghr mai ammi chudti hai to abba aata la ke khilate hai. Par laalo ki baate poori navabo vaali.

    Saalo tatti done ki tameez nhi baate mars ki. Tumhe to goliyo ki bi zarurat nhi chutad singho, bus thappad maar maar ke hi maar de.

    “Fight pak army face to face”, to saalo hume kaun si tumhari bund pasand hai jo baar baar dikhate ho. Face to face mai tumne kaun sa ukhad liya ab tak.

    World is saying that pak is terrorist country. But ye saalo ki statement dekho. “We are sacred, our country is sacred” Saalo uthai giro, jeb katro news sunte ho or internet chalana aata hai, to gawaro apni aukaat dekh lo vahan pe. Te fir sharam naal nakk dubo leyo. Ya begairat insaan di trah hor comments likh deyo ki saada pak best……

    bibi bhi salwaar vaali aur bande bhi. Saalo kachi bra bi ladies vaali daalti hogi tumhari army… hahahahaha

    Saale chor fukrey

    Hut furrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • adil Reply

      oye kisi sasti gashti ki ulad teri maa ka puhda ma lun marun 1000 baap ke aik najaiz ulad…ara apni maa ko pan ka picha gerwi rakhwana wali qoum kahta ha we are scared puhdi ka salun qabootar sa bund tumari path gae the rona lag tha tati kahna wali qoum kali gashti huma qabootar sa bacha lo kah ka rona lag gaye…!!..sala or hama kah raha ha ka hum thappar sa mar jayen ga sala thappar to dor ke bat haat laga ka daikho tumari maa behno ma lun ke barast kar dein ga..!!..or tati ke bat kahn sa agye ka tati dhone ke tameez nae ha sala tuja bari tati ke fikar apni maa behn ko kahilnae ha..!.or baat kar raha ha ka tumari maa chodti ha sala aj tak kabe pakistan ma rape news suni ha..!..aba sala tumari qoum ma bhara para rapist jab daikho kabe kisi ka rape ho jata ha..!. or han sala han hum atankwadi..phati kiun ha tumari yeah sun..ka han hum kar lo jo kar sakta ho karna tum na lun be nae os bandar hunyuman ka aga beth ka..bheek mango ga cow piss sa naha ka manat mage ga sala chutiya

      • Tadda abbajaan Reply

        Kisi mehngi aur alaa kisam ki gasti ki aulad. Teri mummy D&G ki kachi daalti hai aur fuddi pe sone ki ring daali hui hai. Le chudayi giri ki aulad ab khush hai. Saalo salwar mai tumhari aurate aur salwar mai tumhare bande. samaj e nhi aati hogi choro tum logo ko apas mai e bund maar lete hoge ek doosre ki. Saalo tumhe lund dikha de to jeeb gutno pe lag jaye chat ke lund aada kar do….fukro…Aur rape to saalo achi aurato ke ho. Tumhari to saali kisi ala kisam ki gastiya hai mehngi vaali……hahahaha…..inka rape kaise ho. Lund dekh ke eid tak inki taange vapis bund nhi hoti.

        Aur behan ko chodu tumhari lund ki barsat krne vale mere laal, lund jaisa tumhara muh hota hai, saari umar mohalle valo se ammi tumhari shakal match krti rehti hai ki ye kis ka tha….aur tumhari apni ammi khud bechari chinese lund se guzara krti hai…. Aur yaha janab lund ki barsaat kr rhe hai..ja bhai ja apni ammi ko acha sa vibration vala lund dilwa Japanese vala…din mai 10 baar fuddi mai legi aur duyaien degi…”lundd ki balshaat kal denge”

        Aur kya be tellolist hai hum…saalo bund pe thappad padenge…..vapis mummy ki fuddi mai gus jayoge….jaha se nikale ho. Aur itni baate shod aur jake apni ammi ka duddo choose bournvita daal ke thodi taakat aayegi kuch krne ke liye……saale chor..

        Chal baag kisi mehngi gasti ka anda….fukra

  30. Fakhrul Islam Reply

    And one thing i wanna remind you is that its your black cats that are in the form of terrorists and talibans with whom our trible pathans brothers are fighting for years lolzZz…

    In 1965 pak army defeated indian army while in 1971 indian defeated pak politicians not arm forces….

    if you are talking about balochistan then what is Khalistan movment….
    you are unable to just provide justice
    To Sikhs and other minorities then why are you compromizing on terrorists and balochistan……

    in the end…..
    Just judge the bravity by the reality not by the coward comments…

  31. Fakhrul Islam Reply

    I salute you…..
    #Pak Army…

    No one can defame a nation by their coward comments… The idian untill now have just defeated pak-politicians not pak army…..

    And one thing i wanna remind you is that its yours black balochistan is

    • Muhammad Reply

      Pak army just a piece of shit… they are terrorist… got it ? >.<

  32. Patrick Reply

    Canadian counter terror unit is rocking some snowmachines hahahaha yeah baby!!

  33. Rasel Robin Reply

    Why don’t you included Bangladesh army force cheetah and Bangladesh Navy SWADS? May be you don’t even know about them and their standard. Google about them and u may get some.

  34. c0mmander Reply

    Iranian Special Forces!!! they are NOT!!
    Iran have many Special Forces Team in Army or police forces and the order place ! however in iran don’t call ” Iranian Special Force” if they are in army.Just say “Green Hat” if they are in police call them “NOPO” !!
    but Those photos just in show time for the anniversary of the Iranian revolution.

    if you just search in google.

    • Chris Reply

      The white uniforms on the Iranian special forces look like Imperial Storm Troopers LOL

      • ....... Reply

        retarded Iranian special unifom is black not white there just for show and special days what a cunt i suggust go sarch on google before just say shit here

  35. avsem Reply


    • rasid Reply

      osama was found by isi indeed and operation is operated mutually by us and pak army. but pak army depicted that they don’t know about all this, because of talibans presance in pakistan

    • Ghulam.Rasool Reply

      kmino hmari bad luck ke hmen koi acha leader na mil ska warna aj india sare ka sara Pakistan hi hota.

    • ahmed Reply

      if u hav some doubts about pakistan is not one of the best but he is the best best commandos of the world one they can easily kick the ass of indian army

      • An Indian Reply

        Your are idiot dude….
        If you have best army in the world…. Then the f*&k your special forces don’t kill those terrorist in your country

  36. wajahat Reply

    if pakistan has the best forces…why couldn’t they find bin laden ..hiding just kilometers away from their army base

  37. Henry Reply

    With out Sri Lanka Army – Special Forces, this page not complete and balance. Because they are face to real garilla war of 30 years and win the war. They have lot of experience of Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol.

    • john Reply

      i agree brother ………………….. i’m from russia …… and i’m really amazed about srilanka special force LLRP unit…….their are only nation beat the terror group in the world….. and cia ranked tamil tigers world’s dangerous terror group in last decade

  38. vishal Reply

    I don’t know much more about these special forces.But I want to ask just a thing,that if Pakistani forces are so nice than why can’t they even kill the terrorist in their own country?? ……now don’t say that Indians are protecting these terrorists otherwise it will be a whole shit…..

    • rasid Reply

      even us army give in after a more than decade in useless effort of washing out talibans and other militant group. on the other hand pak army is triumphant against these groups. eventually it’s not simple but it’s nothing in front of pak army and our leading intelligence IsI. people in pakistan are no more in tension and chaos.

    • Pakistani Reply

      hm q khatam krien talibanoun ko????? ae e ty saaaaadi pehchan ney khotyaa

  39. pulkit sagar Reply

    see this Pakistan. You always compare us to you, but you don’t know the reality. On 1947 two nations become independent INDIA and PAKISTAN, but all these year one nation got on mars and other is wandering about the earth. With due respect don’t compare INDIA to PAKISTAN and accept the reality of life.

    • Abdul Hafeez Reply

      Firstly , This article is not comparing the special forces around the world. Secondly , what kind of logic is that because India has a better space technology, Pakistani special forces can not be listed among the top forces ? Thirdly, dude, yes you may have managed to land on Mars, but In your shining India, nearly 1.2 billion people have no toilet at home. So please, don’t make up these stories. Both of the countries have corruption, poverty, UN-employment, terrorism, extremists. Its the time we have to stop this bullshit. India should focus on their issues and Pakistan on their issues. Believe me, you will not get any medal by abusing Pakistan.

      • bcjcbsjd Reply

        teri maa ki chut behen ke lode….1.2 billion to total population hai ….aur surgical strike bhool gaya abhi 40-50 maarke aaye hain….aur ye to sirf para military thi …jab marcos aayenge gaand pphaad kar rakh denge tumhaari

  40. chinthana Reply

    Deep Penetration Unit (DPU) and Mahasohon Brigade in Sri Lanka who are proven deadliest force who ended the 30 year conflict.

    • Romm Reply

      I agree with you. Srilankans are the best. They are the beacon of inspiration for the rest of the world as far fighting out terrorism is concerned. I worked with few Srilankan Infantry soldiers in Pakistan. They are motivated.. brave and above all intelligent.

  41. Ahmed Reply

    this is all but some fancy customs,, real world action is completely different, in 2008 Hezb Allh in lebanon took away 5 of isrealian commandos alive as hostages by a very low level training and equipment.

  42. Daniyal Reply

    Mind you language bro. Our SSG force can start f**king your country from one side and can come up from other side tearing the p**sies of all your girls. So mind your language before saying anything. I can bet 1000$ that you’ll pee if any 1 of our SSG force soldier comes in front of you. 🙂 #peace

    • kapil Reply

      What the fuck you are talking. SSG my ass. No one is better then Indian black cat commando.India can fuck the happiness of pakistan any time any day. You guys are son of coward. Don’t have guts for open fight. Whole world know the fact that pakistan is tammed by U.S. So don’t even talk about your fucking SSG. Indian commando have the guts to screw their ass any time….so you dum ass don’t compare your fucking army and commando with our brave soldier. As the whole world know east or west India is the best.……….with all due respect…a proud Indian?

      • Ghulam.Rasool Reply

        Kamine tuje apni billion pe itna hi naz hai to un se bolo k Pakistan se panga le ke dekhen wo jahan se niklen hain hmare SSG unhen wheen wapis bhej den ge.

        • nikhil yadav

          because pakistan is land of dogs and when dog barks no one bothers and it is the habit of cowards to take panga or whatever with others

      • ....... Reply

        nasty Indian cock suckers !?!! LOL that asswipe can’t kill a cockroch batter not say any shit cowards . if this is it iranian force can fuck all indian comandos all time 24H 7d 367d all time

  43. Zia Zain Reply

    Dont under estimate power of PAK ARMY. ANd our ISI+SSG. Pakistan may have corrupt politicians but we have most patriotic army all over the world.

  44. ADEEL Reply

    I love pakistan and pakistan army… whatever indian says about terrorism it will never true.. because pakistan itself facing this problem and some source confirmed that indian raw also involved in pakistan terrorism…….. Everone love his country and his army. we should come to-gether for peace and humanity.

  45. Zia Zain Reply

    Dont under estimate power of PAK ARMY. ANd our ISI+SSG. Pakistan maay have corrupt politicians but we have most patriotic army all over the world. WE have No#1 ARMY in the world.

  46. Pakistani Reply

    Pakistan SSG is the best special army of the world. By the comments of indian, it shows how they are afraid of pakistan. Reason is their black ass cats n their spouses are being killed by pakistan SSG in order to prevent terrorism of india in the region they have created. Now they are crying. They really are cats. By the way indians comment shows how unethical their behavior is. So u guys can now evaluate.

    • Sheeraz khan Reply

      Abe saale….teen baar tumhari gaand maar chuke h abhi bhi marwane ka showk h…bhosdi k aakar muqabala karlo….aukaat samajh aa jayegi….sab ko pata h kiski gaand me kitna dum h…. bhonkne se kuch nhi hota….

    • sabu Reply

      Hello Pakistani plz don’t forget
      KARGIL n u know Indian can F**K u all just in 3mints. Need not any SPL. Forces. Normal army can done it …… Pls. MIND IT FATHER IS ALWAYS FATHER MEANS URS MOTHER F**ker………

    • Ghulam.Rasool Reply

      India should never forget the lesson of 1965 war. They can never successful in their bad aims against Pakistan.

      • Indian Army Reply

        Lessonns of 1965 war ?? Hilarious….u mean to say when Indian Army marched upto Peshawar and Karachi and your PM ran to UN to end the war 😀 😀 …….. LMAO…!! Its all over the internet google it…..if u didnt know about it

      • pankaj sharma Reply

        yes u r right, your history knowledge is great, sirf pakistan ke madrse me hi batayee jaati hogi

    • ujjal biswas Reply

      THINK…..IT IS A GREAT THINKING MATTER FOR UR COUNTRY,.if u r pak candidate this statement not right to u., but this is realistic matter, india and pak always we r frnd.. when 2 country altogether to each other. any big country do nt lose to me and spread love to all over world. bcoz war is not a best thing,, love and peace is best

  47. Tom Reply


    • pulkit sagar Reply

      Once we all fight together for our independence and now we became the enemy of each other.(INDIA AND PAKISTAN)
      Its not the time to scold each other, its time to unit and make our nation strong together.

    • nikhil yadav Reply

      please dont give brief about pakistan we already knows in what terms they are no 1

    • pankaj sharma Reply

      near 100,000 soldier surrender in 1972 war, what a brave army of pakistan?hahahaha

  48. nitin karn Reply

    National Security Guards of India is one of The Best Forces that had Killed all Pakistani Terrorist and just loss one Militant
    they are Brave
    and also firces in UK like SAS and SEAL
    Delta of US and some of Russia are Tremendous Forces
    i think we all Forces should come together to fight with ISIS and pakistani Terrorist ISI Al Quida Etc

    We are The World and World is One

    Terrorist will loss this Battle
    and World will Win

    • Ajnabi Reply

      Thank you for the telling the world the truth. The world was so stupid before your comment 🙂

    • Ishtiaq Shariq Reply

      Brother! A terrorist is a terrorist, he does not belong to any state.

    • Tom Reply

      SSG of Pakistan are champs they won medal in last yer competition in USA. Although they are facing and defeating TTP & Other militants in their country meanwhile they are conducting special operations against indian agents and terrorists whit keeping their borders from enemies.

      • Indian Army Reply

        TOMMY ……….For Army medals are won in wars not competitions !!! Pak Army… you so audaciously brag about…..type operation “”serch light”” on google!! Let me debrief you about it ….. Pakistani soldiers searched for Hindu womens in Dhaka University and raped them before brutally killing them in 1971 !! This is an act of “Bravery” !!! Now You decide…!! Kargil war….your Pak army refused to accept the dead bodies of your own soldiers identified with their passports and ID Cards where signatures of your Generals & President were minted !!! 1965 ….India army marched upto the streets of Peshawar and Karachi…..!! Google it… will find all the “”brave acts”” of PAK army !!!

      • Just Some Dude Reply

        I mean all of you are just picking Pakistan or India just because it’s the army of your Country. If try to think about
        it Australia is The Best Do some research if you disagree with me

    • Coweater Reply

      lol@ your lame comment, RAW is funding terrorism everywhere in south asia, specially in neighboring countries, meanwhile india’s national security guards and indian army is busy raping their own women..india has around 7,00,000 army men in kashmir who are killing innocents, google indian army raping women in manipur, and also india is oppressing sikh community however khalistan is a reality and we will get our rights.

    • ammar Reply

      Pakistan Army is enough to finish terrorists in Pakistan. You just need to shut the F**K up and focus on your own country.

      • pulkit sagar Reply

        Once we all fight together for our independence and now we became the enemy of each other.(INDIA AND PAKISTAN)
        Its not the time to scold each other, its time to unit and make our nation strong together.

      • Indian Army Reply

        when we focus on the terrorist problems of our country the roots are alwaysfound in PAKISTAN……USMAN KHAN….. KASAB …. HAFFEZ SAYED….etc etc …

    • spydev Reply

      Don’t feel that your wrong words can make world think like you. Your army and forces are the bunch of cowards who are responsible for training pakistani taliban and using them against talliban. You yourself plan mumbai attacks thats not me but the world is saying. You always brack seize fire on Loc. You are just a bunch of cowards who cannot dare to face pakistan army face to face. You can only make others work for you and thats the history and future

      • nikhil yadav Reply

        we know your history already please dont tell again and again pakistani losers

      • pankaj sharma Reply

        we face u in 1972 war but your 100,000 soldiers surrender then what we do…hahahahahahaha

    • Shakir Khan Pakistan Reply

      WTF? Which Pakistani. They are all indain planted Terrorist and They were playing Police Thief Game(Chor,Police). hahahahahaha. Indain Armi we Pakistani know how brave they are. hahahahahahaaaaa

    • Nabeel Zulfiqar Reply

      Pakistani Are not terrorist.
      and one thing more is that indian forces can not be compare with the Pakistan Armed Forces.
      They are nothing infront of us.

      Long Live Pakistan

    • Khurram Reply

      Nitin Tobe Honest you are literally living in the heaven of idiots Pakistan soon is going to bang ENDia’s ass just wait and watch and your forces are proven all time cowards in the history of mankind can’t do more than just killing innocent Kashmiris…

    • Pukhtoon Commando Reply

      lolz.a moment of silence for indian Army.the world coward army is indian army.they looks like gatekeeper and security persons. world best army is pakistan army and no country even dare to fight against this army specially indians are too afraid of this.”kabi awo na pakistan khusboo laga k”

    • Petriotic Reply

      “Nitin Karn”
      I appreciate you dare to comment. But in-real it seems you are innocent and don’t know the reality that what is happening behind the scene. Pakistan means “Sacred Place” and Pakistanis are Sacred too. So Pakistanis are “Sacred” not terrorist. If you have sense then ponder upon all my statements. Terrorists come from your side means “India” and mostly are from Indian agencies(RAW). Your leaders wants to spread anarchy in Pakistan not only your’s leaders but leaders of most countries to whom you are saying “We are The World and World is One”. We are fighting with terrorists that come from your side and they were neither the part of Our Country and will be nor.
      How much brave “PAKISTANI FORCES” are ask from your elders.
      you said “i think we all Forces should come together to fight with ISIS and pakistani Terrorist ISI Al Quida Etc”
      One thing again I’m clearing “PAKISTANIS” are not “terrorists”. If you think you should together,then you are free, go, and together, and one sincere advice and warning “PAKISTANIS WILL RUIN you AND all your companions,AND THERE WILL BE NO SIGN REMAIN ON EARTH,SO AVOID TO THINK!!!”
      One thing more you are inviting other forces to fight against “ISI” dear,my dear innocent baby think your forces are not capable to fight against “ISI” of-course they are NOT! Once again your companions are also not able to do this and stop to think about this!
      Keep enjoy the reality!!!!

      • Anoop Reply

        brother don’t forget the surgical strikes munnaa……
        This was not the first surgical strike we did it again bhutan too…
        So you are nothing ….
        We are the best munna……
        India has the biggest voluntary army in the world..
        And don’t forget you lost the war four times.
        God bless you ……

      • pankaj sharma Reply

        i think u know about trident operation, what u do after operaion trident, u hit your own ship…..this is fear …porkiiii

    • SSG Reply

      Dear for your kind information we still have remain of your army officer uniform along with his jeep which he left before crossing the indian territory during 1965 war …no offense ..go and search the world most dangerous special operative forces and definitely you will find the name of Pakistani SSG in the top 10 and also look for yours ….LOLZ

  49. hd love wallpapers. Reply

    Every weekend i used to go to see this web site, for the reason that i wish for enjoyment, for the reason that this this site conations genuinely
    pleasant funny material too.

    • joko Reply

      Ini dari 9GAG bro, sumber invalid. TNI memang gak pernah konfrontasi langsung secara terang-terangan dengan negara lain. Jadi gak ada parameter langsung. Tapi TNI kita selalu berprestasi… itu .. *MTGW’s style”

  50. shelory Reply

    tanks trump all of these pesky ‘pew pew’ shooters, so i would have to say none of the above!

    • Luke Reply

      tanks cant get in nearly as tight place as the little “pew-pew shooters” can, plus have you ever heard of a tank being used as a sniper weapon?

      • person Reply

        r u stupid…what is the range of a “pew pew gun” vs that of a tank or an arti and of course they cant get in tight places thats why they just demolish them

    • Adam Reply

      Run up behind a tank and stick on some Semtex to the back and it’s curtains for the said tank

  51. Udit Narayan Dan Reply

    Indian Marcos navy and indian Black cat commando is the Best force in the world. .I love indian army..I love India…. I fuck blady Pakistani.. I hate pakistani … I fuck Pakistani Girl…

    • kumar Reply

      Udit.. Not a good comment man. Yes being an Indian we should be proud but it’s not necessary to comment about other country. Give and take respect it really goes long way. Hope you understand.

      • ammar Reply

        Finally saw a sensible comment. All other indian comments are like they are jealous of Pakistan

        • nikhil yadav

          jeaolous of pakistan what is pakistan is anything they have for jeaously it is like brucelee gets jealous of nawaz sharif hahahhh pak losers are best comedians in the world


      buhahaha…..beta tere concepts weak hain …………. :p

    • Shakir Khan Pakistan Reply

      In dreams you poor indain. Pakistan is a Nightmare for all the Devils out there. Especially Poor indain which try to come over Pakistan from last 68 years. But your Dream will be Dream.

      • Kris Reply

        Shakir Khan can you imagine the situation when 121,00,00,000 INDIAN are just walking over the Pakisthan???Hope it will be a nightmare for you in future…

  52. Aditya Singh Reply

    its doesn’t matter whoz d best (i m fan of navy seal us)…
    passion matters .i m a indian and can do anything for my nation .

  53. dave Reply

    I personally was airborne in the U.S. military and worked with rangers, special forces and was around delta. You people continue to argue over who has the “Best” special/ elite units. It takes a special type person, the 1%ers of the world to go through the rigorous physical training required to excel and pass these elite courses and become part of that brotherhood. Most ALL of you arguing wouldn’t even make that brotherhood of elite soldiers. You leave it to someone else to give it all for his/hers/ their individual countries. You would NEVER make that Elite 1%. At some point these elite units WILL, or have in the past worked together for the mutual protection of their individual countries and the hard working families and people that just want to live non- threatened lives. But if YOU are NOT willing to give that ultimate part of yourselves and would just rather leave that to others willing to make that sacrifice FOR YOU and be a part of the 1% of the world, don’t be talking SHIT unless you personally are willing to go that EXTRA mile for your fellow man. I’m personally glad we have these elite units and the 1%ers. That are able to protect YOU and families that want just that, to be “families”. Be thankful!!!!!!!

    • Stefan Reply

      Your words brother were well spoken indeed!Its all about that “Extra mile”…Anyone that didnt do it will never know the meaning of the phrase “brothers in arms” Greetings from a former Hellenic Special Forces soldier!

    • Indian Army Reply

      Its all in the mind dude….. you belong to the 1%er who protect people !!! But you are not the 1%er who took this human race forward….Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Steve Jobs, Newton, ….you talk about struggle….read about the struggle of Marrie Curie, Michael Faraday, Einstein…. !! Are u the 1%er of Tennis greats…..Roger Federer, Nadal, Sampras?? can play a top spin ?? lol …dude you are just the best in your field….like many other people who are best in their own fields….so stop bragging about it…..thats your job ….thats what u are born to do…there is nothing 1%er about it!! Its all in the mind….if u have a dream an aim….u will follow it….no matter what !! Pain starts and ends in the mind !!
      Dont give me all that bullshit about calling yourself superior just coz u were/are or whatever in the elite forces !!!

  54. Rehan Reply

    pakistan army is the best and dangerous force in the world i love pakistan

  55. Sparta Reply

    where are the Hellenic(Greek) O.Y.K. (Underwater Demolition Team) which are being noticed by many countries as one of the most Elite world wide Special Force? Recognized by NATO, plus the hard training is as hard as the U.S. Navy Seal team?

    Thank You!!! Greece

  56. Grim Looters Reply

    Maybe not in terms of overall effectiveness, but in terms of sheer hardcore factor…

    All SAS units (including SASR and NZSAS, as well as the poms – they’re basically the same though SASR are rumoured to receive the best training), Gurkhas, any U.S. Marine really – but especially MARSOC, Spetznaz (Duh), German Paratroopers (Fallschirmjagers? Whatever they’re called, they kick ass), Delta Force and the SEALs.

    I think they’re all Special Forces or at least shock infantry units that have reached the point at which humans cannot feasibly be any better at the art of killing.

  57. hassam Reply

    i think ISIS is the best Forces .62 Country together can’t stop them .world know ISIS is the best .

    • Gloria Higgins Reply

      Isis is simply the most vile and murdurous. It doesn’t take a brave man to behead women and children and old men.

    • Indian Army Reply

      what do u have to say now……??? After the Russian airstrikes ??? ISIS still the best….do ISIS stands the chance against Russian Spetsnaz(the deadliest special force for sabotage operations on planet earth) …i feel the ISIS will realise what raping means now…when they will be raped as well as ripped apart by Spetsnaz weapons and ferocious hand to hand combats…… !!

  58. Sherlock Reply

    It seems tht u guys wd really strt a war over this argument….. best of luck with tht

  59. madhushudan Reply

    guys commando does not come under special forces the special forces of india apart from navy marcos the main is 9 PARA SF

  60. Rameez Karamat Reply

    Humans are soooo happy to Distort themselves for Killing and other Humans are sooo proud of them … but after all they are killing machines.

  61. Travis Reply

    I heard that the Australian SASR train the American Special Forces!
    Clearly Australians are the best.

      • BLKBOI Reply

        Hey bud, before you insult Australia, you should know a bit about your land. Your own people hate each other, you got so many racial groups, so much poverty, so muuch terror. You’re hated by the world because you don’t know how to treate people. At least Australia has multicultralism, at least it’s safe. Why do you think people flee to Australia rather than America. BECAUSE NO ONE LIKES YOU!! So before you insult Australia…turn around, take a good look at your country…and GO F*** YOURSELF!!
        P.s. Where the f*** do you think Americans came from….

        • Gloria Higgins

          We have millions fleeing to the U.S. Every year. You can’t get more multicultural than the U.S. That’s what it was built on. Most countries are late comers to that game. European countries were pretty much homogenous until fairly recently.

  62. Travis Reply

    The Australian SASR are the best trained soldiers in the world.

  63. Harish Reply

    Army is not just about fighting only, helping people when it requires. Please put your great history when Pakistani, Srilankans, helped rest of the world.

    I know about US, Russians, Australians and other great nations co-operated for nations from rest of world.

  64. Mariano S Taguiam Reply

    PNP Special Action Force killed the South East Asian Bin Laden.

  65. omer Reply

    Don’t forget Pakistan Armed Forces who awarded by the most strongest army in the world.

        • Daanish Rawal

          Oh really? So u won 1965 war? According to who? the great pakistani hukumat? LOL! Here is the source see it for your self, ignorance seems to run in the pakistani blood.

          Think before you talk! And dont believe your corrupted government! Hind can never be defeated, we are blessed people living on blessed land. Our hearts are pure and our will is strong. So, we can ever lose even if we are outnumbered. HINDUSTAN ZINDABAD! HINDUSTAN PAINDABAD!

      • saqib Reply

        we the pakistanis have never lost a war shutup you buulshit

        • pulkit sagar

          On 1947 two nations become independent INDIA and PAKISTAN, but all these year one nation got on mars and other is wandering about the earth. With due respect don’t compare INDIA to PAKISTAN and accept the reality of life.

        • Travis

          Australian are so hard-core. Think what u want but the SASR would kick America into next week!

        • Mark

          I’m a former Aussie commando, US special Forces are skillful and very diverse due to your size etc as a nation.
          Australia and the UK have the longest history of special forces in the modern era. The US initially were suspicious of
          the SF concept. SASR were instrumental in the formation of Delta Force. Rather than a competition and a slanging
          match,please consider the following.Comparing Aussie SF to the US SFs is pointless, they compliment each other.Australia does train US SF and we also receive training from the US SF. I have worked with Americans and Brits.
          Members of various US SFs hold Aussie SF in very high regard along with the New Zealand SAS.President Bush personally thanked Aussie SF for a rescue of pined down Marines in Afghanistan.Any member of the Aussie SF or NZSAS
          receive nothing but respect from US forces generally.Our SAS were receiving applause from US soldiers when
          entering the mess hall. Both of us are close allies and I have nothing but respect for all the US servicemen who
          saved Australia from tyranny in WW2.So lets keep it friendly.

  66. Kayu Kaukah Asli Reply

    Great. i wish you very good luck in your splendid plans of taking india, i really do. remember to call when you got a rifle so far up your arse that you taste metal. Nice for sharing

    • Christopher Seals Reply

      Maybe, but you always taste the leather of our cricket balls, world champions we are.

  67. slam dunx Reply

    pirated list…
    whether you like or yes…
    NIGERIAN AND ISREALITE MOSSAD remains the best militia in the world…

    • farhad(iran) Reply

      shut don`t know how they killed my brother and sister in phelestin. they are animals

  68. Amlike Levi Reply

    I am Tanzanian, and wondering… Is it really Tanzanian Special Forces are really advanced than South African’s or Egypt’s? I havent seen any other Unit from Africa. Does that means we, Tanzanians have the most advanced special Forces? I know about the forces participation in peace keeping in neighboring countries, bt i still dont blv we are the best….

  69. sanath Reply

    I don’t know how many will agree to my comment.but there was one of the best special force in world in sri lankan army trained by US and many other titled special op owning countries at the period of war against LTTE terrorist located in tamil nadu and fought in sri lanka. USA categorized LTTE as the most dangerous as same as or more than Al-Quida those days.they had Sea,Air,Land power those days.those special ops that destroy targets supplys before their friendly solders enter to field named as local (sri lankan) legend mahasona (google it 😉 ) because they were disrepair after attack and because of that LTTE afraid to hear there present.any way they were vanish with the end of the clue about them after that.I think they should have a place above.because once about 300 special force (no 1 most powerful battalion of indian army) of indian army entered to the forest of LTTE terrorist are and no one come out alive.I think that’s enough to understand how powerful those terrorist that were defeated by sri lankan un official special force

    • Srinath Reply

      i agree with you sanath,well said… srilankan army is the best army in the world

      • BLKBOI Reply

        Except that Sri-Lanka was conquered by India and Britain. Sooooo……

        • Kevin

          You are so thick. India never conquered Sri Lanka. Sri lankans destroyed you indians when your tamil king elara invaded sri lanka. The only time sri lanka was conquered was during vijya’s time but it was soon destroyed when native Pandukabhya established native rule. The British never conquered Sri lanka, we handed over the country through Kandyan convention. We were never conquered.

          Know your history before commenting and one more thing india can never conquer sri lanka.

        • Karom

          India was actually conquered by many foreign forces way before the British. Every body in the world was taking advantage of India. Sri Lanka actually fought back against invaders that’s why even the most powerful forces couldn’t capture Sri Lanka as whole.

        • amith

          You are one of them majority dum Indian fucks arnt you. Indians(North) are the closest relatives we have in the world so i don’t want to hurt their feelings…But i will make an exception for you…Sri Lanka was never Conquered by a foreign army son. If there was even something close to a conquest it was the events mentioned in YOUR copy of Ramayana..but still even in that story your monkey army was almost fucked up good by our native demon army. Vibishana the brother of King Ravana , helped Rama get his woman back as a gesture of good will , Vibishana is a just and noble chieftain and he didnt like men fucking arround other mens wives..(Because Ravana was supposidly giving Sitha Kutti a pakka time in a local cave in the central highlands …Its still there comve vist some time lol. :P…hell he even gave her a potion to be Fire Proof :P..Ravana you sexy beast..i think that the worlds the oldest anti pregnancy cum fire proof love portion ha ha ah ) and Ravana arrogantly rejected the help of his greatest warrior (The warrior that captued your almighty hanuman and dragged him to ravana like a bitch :P)..You guys just always forget that hanuman supposedly set the palace on fire after he was caught and ravana ordered his tail to be set on fire as an act of humiliyation…And totally forget that we had warriors here skilled and powerful enough to capture even hanuman….) This may be something you guys get ashamed of so yeah we understand. Any army that invaded sri lanka without the blessing of the local population ended up being Massacred in battle. If we even let one or two escape we usually sent them back short of some parts hands, eyes, cocks…(Example : Prabahakaran ..we took his brain for keeping)which we kept as tokens :P..ask from south Indians…they are the people who have been at war with us the longest and have left their tokens here the most 😛 cocks , balls..heads you know what i mean…forget it. Then the Portuguese …buggers got their asses kicked in pretty bad. Just check the web and you will see all the major encounters ended up in the total destruction of large number of their soldiers. Then came the Dutch initially as an ally to help the Sinhalese army then they crossed us and we fucked em up..then the British and they tried the shit they did with other counties like India and hey we even let their force of about 21000 reach Kandy too. Then the Sinhalese kings army surrounded them and after a battle that lasted about 24 hours the entire Kandy garrison was destroyed..then the remaining british tried to escape but they were also surrounded and slaughtered..Im from kandy and there is a saying here that Only one English Soldier went back to Colombo alive” I can go on and on….The Sinhalese people in time decided that we had enough of the Tamil Nayakkar Family that stole the kingship using women as love bait…So we disbanded the national army , invited the British and handed over the power to them under the highland Accord hoping for good Governance..a promise they never kept…those thieving cunts. Common people rioted twice but that was just a rag tag group of freedom fighters and not a real army like the old Sinhalese army …No Invader has faught the national armed force of Sri Lanka won to this date. See Its not our fault we are ferocious in battle and totally ruthless to our enemies…You guys banished the Greatest Warrior Clan “Lion People” from india , oh wait you didn’t… rest of india was too you asked King Shinghe Bahu to banish his own son and the army of 600 Lion Warriors to Ceylon or they will not have any commercial dealings with “Sinhapura” then capital of the Lion People. So King Sinhabahu , not wanting unwanted bloodshed , banished his son and the 600 warriors to sri lanka..but sent 18 classes of people skilled in 18 state crafts as a gift) They merged with the local population initially through war and the then marriage…and gave these 18 skills to the people gibing birth to the Sinhalese people (Sinhale means Blood of the Lion btw..which again invaders called us because we were fearsome like lions in battle)..Sri Lanka was already Native to a group of fierce tribes (Yakka, Raksha, Naga and Deva) and Lions Blood mixing with Demon blood only Spells one thing to invaders :”DOOM” ….I seriously think we are actually being too nice to the rest of the world through history.. We invaded india only once that’s also because King of Pandya our old friend wanted help to fend of Chola Army.We invaded Myanmar once and terrorised their king to submission because he abducted a merchant group and insulted a Sinhalese Princess..The legends say that the sinhalese Warrior who came closest to their king was so huge and frighting..Myanmar kings almost shit his pants..when we he demanded that he immediately release the Sinhalese hostages, the Myanmar’s king boasted ” You will have to squeeze water out of your war hammer for that to happen”.. to his terror the pissed of Sinhalese warrior twisted the handle of this war hammer/club so hard that sea water drops started dripping down..This is likely as the Sinhalese army was here after a sea voyage and the attack was an amphibious one (those myanmar boy lovers should have known batter..before pissing our ancestors) …we have only been nice to foreigners about 2 or three times in our entire history and all those times we ended up regretting that. I’m going to bring up my children the old Sinhalese way..”Shoot first and don’t even mind ask questions.. :D”..See you in Hell…By the way you are welcome to come here and travel and see all the killing fields of the part and no so past :P..End of history lesson. P.O

    • MUHAMMED Reply

      where is TURKEY which is the second best armry in NATO and the 5. powerfull army in the world?

      • ....... Reply

        turkish terrorist in hell there can eat any shit cause punch bastard think really shits

    • Amith Rodrigo Reply

      Yes sir! Pak Special forces and Air Force is Bad ass(SOme of the very best there is)…But the sad part is that the rest of the Pak Army cant get their act together to challenge india in a Ground War and hope to win.

  70. Gemini Reply

    Covering your face with cartoonish tattoos doesn’t make you dangerous. It is services which are remembered. You should not have forget the services of Special Services Group, Pakistan. Whether it is Somalia, Congo or Tamil Tigers countries have called for help of SSG Commandos.

    • amal Reply

      who said ssg or something pakistani engaged in sri lanka’s final war against’s total bull.if some foreign force take hand to destroy LTTE and if they said that they win.there should be no war like final war against LTTE to do in our don’t over estimate your army and believe something showed on tv or told by local politician

      • Muhammad Hamza Reply

        We helped Sri Lanka in fighting against Tamil or LTTE (whatever) and it is a fact. Our cricket teams are also visited each others countries whenever host nations were under huge threat of terrorism. Pakistan and Sri lanka are also a very good example of conflict free relationship of two countries. You should not trust blindly on everything written in wikipedia because secret organizations and spy agencies are there for a reason.

        • Kevin

          Pakistan might have sold few weapons to Sri Lanka but manpower and training was all from Sri Lanka.
          During the final war no country interfered. The fact is that Pakistan might have sold few weapons, but they didn’t help in training and fighting. Countries have combined Special Forces training with each other, however Sri Lanka never sends their LRRP to train with them as they are highly classified, its so classified that if you ask a Sri Lankan about it they will look at you in confusion and a recent documentary only showed the selection course to be considered into LRRP training.

  71. Ian Reply

    Although they are not listed here, the South African Special Forces’ two-man team concept was the best in the world at the time for their unique role – by far. When it comes to bigger team operations the South Africans were probably as good as most, but at the moment the Israelis and Spetnatz will have my vote.

  72. Zain Shabbir Reply

    U missed Pak Army The Great Army.
    World no one army Pak Army.

  73. Khan Reply

    All NATO forces and special fores are batten / defeated by Taliban In Afghanistan.
    It means that Number force in this world only would be those who fight for Allah Subhanahu Taala.

    • Gloria Higgins Reply

      The Taliban are nothing but weak minded murderers who routinely kill women and children in suicide bombings. There’s nothing special about cowards who both kill women and children but also hide behind them to keep from being bombed.

  74. Zubair Khalil Reply

    I love my SSG Commando Force & ISI Of Pakistan, The Best and Powerful Special force in the world, and we have ALLAH power & ARMY & ISI & Pathan people power. and i am also Pathan. India, America, Israel, Russia & England forces try to finished Pakistan from the world, but my Army and ISI no one can beat them & Lose every War, Love u Pakistan ARMY and ISI,

      • Zubair Khalil Reply

        History ? hahahahah read the history of 1965, 1996, 1999, kargal yad kro, jo India me guss k aye ty sirf 3000 army phr hmary courpt leader nawaz modi ny Musharaf army chief ko wapis bulaya hahaha, aur ye nai puri dunya ny try kea k Afghanistan ko and Pakistan ko taba kry, but sary army ko shikst dea hmary army and ISI ny, aur ISI sy tu puri dunya drti hae, pehly tu india hae

        • Daanish Rawal- The proud HINDUSTANI

          Choot ke nai pehle sach jaan fir bhonk! Ye parh!

          Ye list hai jitni dafa India ne pakistan ki gaand rondi hai! tujh jaise 100 pathan ek sardar ki khurak bante hai har din! Tum ho bhi nakli pathan! Asli pathan Afghanistan ki hifazat karte hai, dushman mulk ki nahi!

      • Muhammad Hamza Reply

        they are… and i don’t think wikipedia is 100 percent reliable in every matter!

  75. sithmal Reply

    Sri Lankan SF is the best SF in the world. They are not using any body armors like others when they are in a mission. They defeated Tamil tigers successfully who introduced suicide west to the world. Currently they are the most successful UN army in Haiti.

    • muhammad hassan zuberi Reply

      sorry for the interruption bro but tamil tigers was defeated by pakistan army

      • amal Reply

        who said that? another pakistani politician or some one? as we know at the final war against LTTE, even a single muslim man wasn’t joined to the army because there war was to increase there population and capture the majority,any way as far as sri lankans knows no pakistan army forces were engaged in final war against LTTE .

      • Kevin Reply

        Pakistan Army did jack. It was sri lanka all the way that defeated LTTE

      • Megacities Reply

        Thanks for this post. The images of troops around the world is very impactful. It is interesting to see the differences and similarities, just from an outside point of view.

      • Karom Reply

        Yeah go defeat the world’s most dangerous terrorist group when you guys surrendered to Indian at mass.

  76. jean-pierre leonard peuleve Reply

    Very interesting comments. You all forgot the Legion. Most SF guys do not even pass the ultimate test in Djibouti

  77. az Reply

    Al-Qassam is the best right now..proved by real war..not with equipments or appearence.

  78. Doug Reply

    In the present world, no country is ready to compromise on its defense.

    Are you high? NATO allies are supposed to target two percent of their GDP for defense spending. Only four NATO members actually met that requirement in 2013, the U.S., Estonia, Greece and Great Britain.

    Recently in a NATO exercise German special forces were armed with painted brooms. Painted Freaking Brooms. It is estimated that only 25% of german forces have equipment. For many european countries the only force preventing a blitzkreig of their entire country are U.S. N.A.T.O. bases. At least the majority of european nations compromise on their defense completely. Considering that Europe is ruled by an non-elected german governing body (the EU) it is incredibly weak.

    • Gordon Reply

      As a Scottish guy I can happily say that 90% of the UK SAS (our main army special forces) are Scottish, and Scotland makes up only 8% of the UK population. I’m pretty happy with our situation 🙂

    • 123 Reply

      You are correct, it’s GROM on the last photo. This photo is very old and after some time some people started to call it NAVY SEALS photo, but it isn’t. Look here, you will see the origin of it and like after some time it’s changing to Navy Seals 🙂

  79. Wisang Reply

    How about KOPASSUS???? They are cool under fire and sure ofcourse SAS is the best and then us marines and spetnaz. But kopassus is pretty good in wars, like in W.W II and i dont say it just because im indonesian.

    And heres a question. Why are the chineses in horses abd swords? What the hell?

  80. Matt Reply

    Excuse me,

    but the Italian Special Forces?

    9th regiment Col Moschin (Italian Army) – TIER 1

    G.O.I – Comsubin (Italian Navy) – TIER 1

    G.I.S – Carabineri Group for Special Intervention – (Carabinieri) – TIER 1

    17th Storm Commando (Italian Air Force) – TIER 1

    And the Italian Forces for Special Operations?

    4th Alpini “Ranger” regiment (airborne) (Italian Army) – TIER 2

    185th regiment Targets acquisitor (Italian Army) – TIER 2

  81. Lord Nelson Reply

    The best forces in the world are all british and I can guarantee you that most folk on this site have never heard of them.

    E Squadron (The Increment)

    SRR (Special Reconnaissance Regiment)



    Israeli special forces

    • George Reply

      Also the british pathfinders! I know they are extremely black ops, but no one mentions them! Have you read operation mayhem?

    • Zubair Khalil Reply

      I love my SSG Commando Force & ISI Of Pakistan, The Best and Powerful Special force in the world, and we have ALLAH power & ARMY & ISI & Pathan people power. and i am also Pathan. India, America, Israel, Russia & England forces try to finished Pakistan from the world, but my Army and ISI no one can beat them & Lose every War, Love u Pakistan ARMY and ISI,

  82. micko Reply

    Just a friendly fact what was the group to take afgans airport for the americans to arrive I think you will find it was aus sas

  83. Ntinos Reply

    Seriously, i am searching everywhere in the Internet to see if the Greek Special Forces are included in the best special forces in the world, but NOBODY includes them. NOBODY. And this is pathetic. The Greek Mountain Raider Detachments are the best in Europe. And KSK are not even special forces. I have never seen any member of special forces, carrying a flag on his uniform, wearing a helmet or carrying heavy equipment. This is totally ridiculous!

  84. Proestos Reply

    People all hold to much pride in their country, and so, because they do, they will obviously vote their own Special force. I’m not from Australia and I believe, (from what I have seen and researched) They are definitely one of the best, small, vital, and pack well above there numbers. They lose more in training then in actual combat…I think everyone has been watching to much hollywood shit with Delta force/Navy seals/green berrets marsoc and shit. Iv’e read so many articles and papers from different countries of how they send their own special force to rescue americas. British SAS and easily and profoundly the father of all SAS’s. NZSAS forget about it….by the time you’ve seen one of them, you’re already dead. Other than that, the foreign ones I believe are also really good, are Israel, greek OYK, polish grom, and Canadian JTF2.

  85. Beefy Reply

    There’s a few typos in there my bad baby seal is suppose to be navy seal and so forth with the rest sorry my iPhone tends to do that quite frequently

  86. Beefy Reply

    Special forces around the world are all renowned by every country. Special forces are nothing to sneeze at there Is no ” this special forces is better than that one or that one” each SFU ( Special Force Unit) has extensive training in the country’s desired area that would be most effective for their SFU to operate in. Each SFU is trained to adapt as well if the situation changes a little or if it completes get FUBAR’d for example the Russian Spetnaz special forces are actually very renowned for being heartless and cruel with just as equally difficult training to improve them the Russian Spetnaz Special Forces especially excel at striking from unorthodox positions in all sense they look like they’re doing acrobatics in battle at times especially at CQC and hand to hand. Meanwhile for example we’ll use the United States Special Forces the Navy Seals. baby Seals are widely advertised yea but they are also exceptionally skilled in Naval Deployment (water entry and water exfiltration for those who don’t know) and reconnaissance as well as CQC ( close quarters combat) they can move completely undetected in an area for some time because that is how they’re training prepares them for the deployment operations that they’re assigned to they also excel at short range combat (SMG’s in particular) as long range engagement (sniper rifles). So with that being said honestly one isn’t better than the other in sense of a competitive #1 spot around the world each excels at it’s own capabilities and specific areas. I studied Special Forces from around the world I’ve seen some pretty amazing things and interviewed a few individuals and quite frankly as I said one is not better than the other in terms of ranking, but it is good to have your opinion on which one you believe is best.

  87. padro Reply

    you can tell the SASR are the best can’t even get a close up picture haha just saying but yeah Aussie SAS are hard arses

  88. stinky pants Reply

    Ive seen the training for Australian Special Forces, they pretty much break you as a man. make you want to kill yourself. then they turn you into a person with absolutely no emotion for killing. they are very highly educated and intelligent, they don’t just grab a random bunch of people from the army, train them and hope for the best, they weed out the weak ones. only a few people make it out of a large group. and If I had to be protected I would choose the SAS simply because I would trust them. You only ever see any special forces in training… not in real life action, how would you know? I doubt a civilians special forces and espionage detection skills are better than a country’s intelligence agencies.
    But to say they are all as good as each other is crap, when one team uses old clunky ak47’s and the other uses high powered H&K assault rifles with lasers and all the bells and whistles..

  89. Dan Reply

    Heart doesn’t weigh into it, emotions don’t let people make rash decisions, it comes down to competence and organisation. The Danish definitely look the most bad ass, but the Aussies and Yanks have repretation and experience

  90. Bob Reply

    Arguing which is the better unit is ridiculous as it all depends on the terrain and mission. SAS have been known as the best in urban combat. SASR known for jungle warfare. And for those saying that the SAS train other countries units, that point is pointless as SAS also receive training from other countries. To say SAS are the best at everything is ridiculous. Everything comes down to terrain and Intel

  91. slag Reply

    Dont mess with new zealand… their special forces guy looks like hes been down the pub for a few days

  92. David_Edwards Reply

    See how your country’s armed forces look today? The SASR photo is 12 years old!

    • Reni Reply

      And its one of the few pics that are in actual missions, not training. Guess their so secretive it’d be a while before they start thinking of releasing a new pic. Well, hey, its a job for them not something to boast being SF

  93. rob Reply

    Can’t decide between Taiwan’s Jason Voorhees or New Zealand’s Zach Galifianakis

  94. John Reply

    First of all I respect every soldier serving in a regular or a special unit.
    But read about the Greek special forces OYK and ETA .
    The first one is what most of you know as Navy Seals/UDT and the second one is similar to the U.S. Delta force.

    OYK member for 8 years

  95. Jmac Reply

    Serbian special forces have proved nothing except they are murdering, rapist fucks.

    • Eadc Reply

      They fought the Brit sas and us marines and lost only one member.. Scoreboard!!! Scoreboard!!!

    • Mihajlo Reply

      Can you give me any proof that the serbian gandarmerie commited any crimes? What about Nato depleted uranium bombs that still kill people in Serbia due to an increase in cancer related diseases…Or 250 000 Serbs that have fled Kosovo since the arrival of Nato peacekeeping forces

  96. Hamish Reply

    The Australian Special Forces are probably not the best in the world. But they have proved themselves of the last 12 years (Iraq and Afghanistan……and now Syria) that they are a force not be fucked with.

  97. matt Reply

    The British SAS set the standard a long time ago and they were copied by most Western countries. To think that US or Western European or Australian special forces dont train and arnt as skilled as each other is a little silly. The Australian SAS are without doubt one of the most elite and professional in todays time. Australia also has a newer special forces group called the 2nd Commando unit which is more of an offensive unit compared to the SAS which is infiltration based normally behind enemy lines. Infact the Australian SAS was inside Iraq for many weeks before the invasion of Iraq. They do this stuff better than most in the world.

    • ethan Reply

      That is wrong in the beginning it was an aussie that started the SAS but after a few missions was disbanded because of the british requireing them to fight in egypt (ww2) later the british decided it was a good idea amd started it again.

      • Jake Reply

        You’re completely wrong…well done mate. In fact it was a British commander who was in Africa decided that the need for a group of men who could use skills like sabotage, direct action or Intel and recon gathering to help the war effort was essential, so they created the Unit known as the Long Range Desert Group. It was actually comprised of a majority of Kiwi’s with some British and Australians as well. You need to do your research before stating something that is completely incorrect…

  98. Reni Reply

    Aussie forces are crazy hardcore. Like SASR has a variety of capabilities alone by itself compared to others. (Look up SASR) Even their training must be hardcore, most of the fatalities are from training exercises O.O
    Even the non SF are awesome (reminds me of Battle of Long Tan.) and they gave Rommel his first defeat back in ww2

  99. just_a_guy Reply

    The Australian special forces (SAS or not) are a very very good special force, I`m not saying that they’re the best, but the truth is that there are worse special forces than others.

  100. Sidewinder Reply

    If you would like an insight into Australian SAS selection program:

    SAS- Search for Warriors

  101. Brad Reply

    It’s so obvious
    The british SAS – they set the standard very one else try’s to follow
    …. But really, wat about the one that know body knows about !!! Coz yes it real

  102. waylan Reply

    All of you know nothing and nor do I. Everyone’s got there opinions but non of us know exactly what’s going on behind training for the forces you see here. All forces are trained differently for different scenarios, hence why you have special force snipers, special force boat battalion and so on. Unless we have world war 3 and have our forces fight it out for number 1 we can never really tell who is the best can we.

  103. meh Reply

    Many special forces groups have different roles. The SEALs are great at blowing shit up. The Spetsnaz can survive and fight anywhere. GSG9 and Brit SAS are experts in counter-terrorism. The Aus SASR are great at recon and infiltration. A unit not mention is Israels, Saratyet or something, its not next to me and Im not good with Hebrew. The Israelis are just all round hard motherfuckers…but not at as widely trained as a GSG9 commando. It all does depend on the operation or mission statement.

  104. Luke Reply

    Australian SAS are known to be the most highly trail group in the world and also a lot of the time the SAS are the people that train the navy seals… Just a fun fact for you all to know

  105. WiLPWR Reply

    Chinese Army Cavalry Division? It’s good to see that by taking the piss you’ve discredited this article as anything worthy of real interest. Up to that point I was fairly keen yo see what this website had to offer.

    • jim mullins Reply

      i see no one understands the chinese cavalry. i used to wonder why china was buying up all the horses in oklahoma. read the book of revelation

  106. G-Unit Reply

    When Obama needs a job done right, who does he call?
    He calls Australia (sadly Tony Abbot answers the phone) and Obama asks for our special forces time and time again so clearly Obama prefers the Australian special forces and Australian SASR troops over the navy seals and delta force. Also says they must be pretty bloody decent.

    • ali otaci Reply

      No. When obama needs men to do an impossible job hed rather waste others than his men but u have to remember, goverment is always dirty. When he really wants something done grouos like the expendables do it for him on the hush hush 😉
      No joke.

  107. adam Reply

    The Australian SAS is known around the world as being the elite of the elite. Sure they may not be the most brutal, but their job is ultimately about protecting innocent people rather than aiding in a Genocide, like a few in the list

    • Shaun Reply

      Yes, but that one bloke won a Victoria Cross. So I certainly wouldn’t take him on.

      (That’s Corporal Willie Apiata VC :-

      Lance Corporal (now Corporal) Apiata was, in 2004, part of a New Zealand Special Air Service (NZSAS) Troop on patrol in Afghanistan, which laid up in defensive formation for the night.

      At approximately 0315 hours, the Troop was attacked by a group of about twenty enemy fighters, who had approached by stealth using the cover of undulating ground in pitch darkness. Rocket-propelled grenades struck two of the Troop’s vehicles, destroying one and immobilising the other.

      The opening strike was followed by dense and persistent machine gun and automatic rifle fire from close range.

      The attack then continued using further rocket-propelled grenades and machine gun and rifle fire. The initial attack was directed at the vehicle where Lance Corporal Apiata was stationed.

      He was blown off the bonnet by the impact of rocket propelled grenades striking the vehicle.

      He was dazed, but was not physically injured.

      The two other vehicle crew members had been wounded by shrapnel; one of them, Corporal D, was in a serious condition.

      Illuminated by the burning vehicle, and under sustained and accurate enemy fire directed at and around their position, the three soldiers immediately took what little cover was available. Corporal D was discovered to have sustained lifethreatening wounds. The other two soldiers immediately began applying basic first aid.

      Lance Corporal Apiata assumed command of the situation, as he could see that his superior’s condition was deteriorating rapidly.

      By this time, however, Lance Corporal Apiata’s exposed position, some seventy metres in front of the rest of the Troop, was coming under increasingly intense enemy fire. Corporal D was now suffering serious arterial bleeding and was lapsing in and out of consciousness.

      Lance Corporal Apiata concluded that his comrade urgently required medical attention,or he would likely die. Pinned down by the enemy, in the direct line of fire between friend and foe, he also judged that there was almost no chance of such help reaching their position.

      As the enemy pressed its attack towards Lance Corporal Apiata’s position, and without thought of abandoning his colleague to save himself, he took a decision in the highest order of personal courage under fire. Knowing the risks involved in moving to open ground, Lance Corporal Apiata decided to carry Corporal D singlehandedly to the relative safety of the main Troop position, which afforded better cover and where medical treatment could be given.

      He ordered his other colleague, Trooper E, to make his own way back to the rear.

      In total disregard of his own safety, Lance Corporal Apiata stood up and lifted his comrade bodily. He then carried him across the seventy metres of broken, rocky and fire swept ground, fully exposed in the glare of battle to heavy enemy fire and into the face of returning fire from the main Troop position. That neither he nor his colleague were hit is scarcely possible. Having delivered his wounded companion to relative shelter with the remainder of the patrol, Lance Corporal Apiata re-armed himself and rejoined the fight in counter-attack.

      By his actions, he removed the tactical complications of Corporal D’s predicament from considerations of rescue.

      The Troop could now concentrate entirely on prevailing in the battle itself. After an engagement lasting approximately twenty minutes, the assault was broken up and the numerically superior attackers were routed with significant casualties, with the Troop in pursuit.

      Lance Corporal Apiata had thereby contributed materially to the operational success of the engagement. A subsequent medical assessment confirmed that Corporal D would probably have died of blood loss and shock, had it not been for Lance Corporal Apiata’s selflessly courageous act in carrying him back to the main Troop lines, to receive the immediate treatment that he needed.

  108. Dimi Reply

    All you Western faggots siding with your special dont know shit about the brutality of the SPETSNAZ and the Serbian Gandermerie..its not the sword that wins the battle but the heart and strength of the soldier

    • ali otaci Reply

      Fuking oath my friend. I believe the spetsnaz and the serbians are the cruelest of them all because they have no humanity left in them after their training. U tellem to kill their parents and he’ll do it without blinking. U take a persons humanity away and they have no limit in what they can achieve because there is nothing holding them back. The gulag is the worst prison to ever be in bro.

      • yup Reply

        Funny you say that my step father was Australian SAS and awarded top soldier 6 years running he was even commended by the vice president of russia for the help he gave in training there soldiers and if you think only the euros are heartless and cruel you have never met this man the SAS fucked him up and made him a nasty cruel person with no regard for human life he was violent and sadistic and extremley abusive he ruined my hole childhood
        so I dident thnk you were aware that they also get training from these western countrys you call weak.

    • Tyson Reply

      Like you said though, it all comes down to heart, but I guarantee you not one person standing in any elite force in the world has no heart, or they would not be there.. Western special forces are in incredible.. As I’m sure are spetsnaz, I don’t think you can pick a winner, because at the end of the day, it comes down to where they are fighting and most importantly what they are fighting for

      • Yo Reply

        Although tyson is pretty spot on, you’re forgetting in what way “heartless is used” aus sas heartless would be disregard for moral to complete the mission.. East European would be more f**k someone’s day up for the sake of f**king their day up

  109. Bucko Reply

    I laugh at people saying one special force is shit and this one is better … Youse are fucking idiots no special force is shit like to see you keyboard warriors even attempt to survive any special force training. In my opinion British sas and Australian special forces (only because I’ve seen what they can do first hand) are better but you can never tell unless they all go toe to toe.

    • a Reply

      Many a special force is shit compared to another. your point is flawed. I guess too many people laughed at the one you liked more, it’s ok. We don’t need to survive the training to know one is shit. I’d not survive training to work in a Burger King either without laughing and walking out. Does not mean myself and others can’t have an opinion.

    • ali otaci Reply

      U keen on them going toe to toe? U know that means world war right?….
      No special forces in the world are better than others, it all boils down to the individual. Their training is basically all the same. Speed strength and endurance.
      And btw typing “yous” makes u look like a dumb cunt.

  110. sanjog Reply

    missed “Gurkhas” special force and the most deadliest warrior of the world from Nepal.

      • ShitsAndGigs Reply

        But they are on to it. They train with us from time to time, and they know their shit.Good blokes.

  111. jenna Reply

    Why does Pakistan forces look like they form part or Justin Biebers entourage with those pants

  112. Mustafa Kus Reply

    Just see below!! Maroon_Berets
    “Maroon Berets acquired the 1st place in the competition of Eagle Forces for 4 years which was a competitive race between special forces around the world, held in U.S.A. The competitions was never held again. Though it did not reflect to the Western press, the U.S. Government used the Iraqi war and the depletion of the Special Forces personnel as an alibi. The competitions were attended by such famous Special Ops. groups as; Green Berets, GSG-9, GIGN, Spetsnaz. etc”

    • ali otaci Reply

      Agzina saglik abi. They never give us enough credit and I hate it!!
      But… I guess in their business no reputation is the best reputation.

  113. 32Bat Reply

    The former South African special ops group 32 Battalion. During the 1980s they were feared world wide.

  114. my father Reply

    Israeli spec post
    Ghost companies
    Navy seals
    British SAS

    Definite top 4
    These british idiots should go eat mash and drink tea somewhere else please because the stench of the bullshit your talking is making me want to.throw up

  115. Don Reply

    Blast from the past, but worth mentioning, South African “Recces” pre 1994 and Rhodesian Selous Scouts. Rated as some of the best during the 70’s and 80’s.Tough as nails and super successful during their existence.

  116. Michael Reply

    I had an argument with my good friend who is in the SBS ! He was talking about going to Korea to train there equivalent ! I went a tad barmy and said to him ‘ why on earth do we train the rest of the world to fight in the Army, Navy and special forces it’s ridiculous, if we have a war with them we trained them !

    His response all calm and collected with a slight grin on his face was ‘ Now if we go into war with them we already know exactly what they are going to do ‘

    I think that’s pretty cool which ever way you look at it ! I am very proud of the SAS/SBS and I think they are very well respected throughout the world !

    But as for who is better in the world ??? Could be anyone on any particular day I am guessing

  117. nelson Reply

    The south African special forces are so good the rest of the world doesn’t even know about them! Come to think of it, they dont seem to even be seen in South Africa either!

    • Mzalendo Reply

      yup!! we saw them in congo and yes they are pu**ies they dont deserve to be in the list unlike tanzanian special forces who are kicking M23 rebels in the ass.

  118. Paul Reply

    Thank goodness no one mentioned South Africa because they are useless now… But don’t forget most of the mercenaries come from South Africa.. Makes you think…. Guess what force

  119. The real Question Reply

    I don’t think we should argue which unit is the most hardcore, it’s irrelevant, ….. What we need to workout, and what puzzles me, …. why the hell would the New Zealand Special Forces would recruit Alan from the Hangover??? That can’t be a good idea???

    • Daryl Reply

      The South African Police Special Task Force is a police unit, which primarily specialises in hostage rescue. The South African special forces or Recces are the army’s most elite unit.

    • sir william Reply

      Are you talking about the Scorpions? I thought the ANC had them disbanded, because they were to effective.

    • Yas Reply



  120. Basel Reply

    The British SAS are the most elite in the world. Remember when they saved all those hostages in the Ukrainian embassy?

    • Herefordian Reply

      That was the Iranian Embassy. No civilian deaths and one captured terrorist who only survived because he was masquerading as a hostage when they were escorted out ot the building.

  121. British Reply

    We don’t just have two of the best forces in the world we have elite forces that are hide in the shadows and will never be known our intelligence and tactical knowledge was born in Britain we were the ones who showed the world what were capable off we trained you but we didn’t train you everything! That’s why the sas r the best because we do things different

    • Greg Reply

      I served for 13 years and will say the Australian and Brit SAS r the best. Ill go Australian first only as im Australian lol

  122. uk Reply

    Sas all the way we have the best army in the world, and the sas are the elite army regiment! No doubting any other countries but the british army train shit loads of countries

  123. fez Reply

    Ahhh, another trollsville thread.

    SAS all the way, but that’s because I’m British isn’t it.

    Memzy, if you’d been taken hostage, who would you like knocking down the door to rescue you… Iranian Special Forces or SAS?

  124. Bob... Reply

    SAS as i’m british, but i must admit Polish GROM is pretty bad arse, the only sf not to lose a man since being formed

  125. Brit Reply

    The SAS paved the way for most of the worlds special forces, and most where built around them. They are truly incredible for their diversity across all terrains in all climates. That said, the most dangerous are probably the Israeli’s for their ability for their no fucks given approach.

  126. Steve Reply

    The sas is the most elite of forces, however Israelis are probably the most dishonourable! Same as the Americans really, and as for governments you’ll find most Brits are as badly indoctrinated as Americans, we’re slowly slipping into gm foods, vaccines, even our milk contains titanium dioxide… Just as a pigment to make it whiter… Really titanium?

  127. the guy who was who was wrong about weight. Reply

    Nope, America’s got a bigger obesity rate than the UK. But above both of us are Mexico… but, I still don’t see what it has to do with who is the best. We all know it’s the brits!

  128. LEL Reply

    We all know the SAS & SBS are the single most dangerous special forces in the world… But they do not look as badass and terrifying as those french marines… We as brits are underestimated but those french are scary as hell!

  129. sas rule Reply

    Sas are the elite of this world you just have to look at there history hostage situation no problem sly there self in to to kill and fuckers no problem we all know the brit sas are the best

  130. Neutral Reply

    The French look incredible! All Special forces in this list are very good! I must admit The SAS are generally the best because of their gruelling training regime and experience but every Special Force has it’s strong and weak points. Please take note Americans reading this, this isn’t the British being ‘Cocky’ it is a well renound fact that The SAS are the most feared unit in the world, ask any Navy SEAL and he would probably agree. Not saying Navy SEALs aren’t amazing. They are definitely right behind The SAS!:)

  131. sd sbs Reply

    It is an honest fact that SAS andSBS are world leading, but its important to remember that through collaboration with units around the world, intertraining and research, that is the way to be the best. Communicating with other countries and working together. And finally to go where needed and work together!

  132. Bru Reply

    SAS and Navy Seals are hardcore but not eve nclose to the South African Special Task Force who are the top elite squad of specialized soldiers on the planet!

  133. Mike Reply

    Let’s be real with all the close protection units that are around today and they ability to read up everything about all the above units. There are clearly units that are not listed the units carrying out black opp missions and so on. These probably consist of the very best units taken from all and all training methods considered. But the sas and Sbs were the bench mark of all. Weather that standard is still the same who knows in a world so full technology

  134. memzy Reply

    One true thing is that the british peopld do love commenting and like being in conversations on the internet because they dont really have much to do this is s fact!! You can see this from most of the comments in all sites! I will disagree with the sas being the best there nany category before you can judge this but this is a fact that the British sas has plenty of monry therefore it gets its training and many skills from other countries it has no base knoledge eg fighting from far east desert training from arabs guerrilla tactics from gurkas and so on

    • uu Reply

      are u dumb!!!!????? sas and sbs descend from the soldiers who were part of the greatest navy in the history of man, the tiny country of england ruled pretty much the world… think about that and close this tab u idiot.

    • Aztec Reply

      You bellend the British SAS train in Herefordshire…. Was only a few weeks ago when you poncy yanks came to Britain to be trained on hostage rescue because of the beheadings that where happening at the time in Syria.. so amy yanky panky that are deluded and think your navy seals are top… u need to look at who the mentor is. Who the master is. Where it all began…

    • Herefordian Reply

      Memzy: You are totally ill-informed. The SAS have a specialised training centre in Hereford. The have been involved in missions worldwide. Look up the Battle of Murbat and you will see one example from the Middle East. They were involved in the Communist uprising in Malaya during the late 1950’s – look up Malayan Scouts, a mission specific operational branch set up at the time. Their origins lie in the Long Range Desert Group – a special force established during the 2nd World War for activities in North Africa. Aside from the training ground near Hereford, amongst other locations there are regular training missions in Borneo. The SAS are trained to operate ANYWHERE, and do so as covertly as possible because you can’t fight off a whole army with 4 men at a time.
      Frankly, you come across as a bit of a tit.

  135. damo L.F.C Reply

    S.A.S. S.B.S
    How do you judge who’s the best ? Most up to date kit ,most men ,best uniform,wierdest uniform,best face paint… you judge them on the job they do the above have been involved in most contacts with hostiles most of the time vastly out numberd and they go in kill everything that moves have a brew and exit never been beat

  136. Sean McGuire Reply

    SAS and US Navy SEALs Special Forces are more on the “get the job done” and to be honest we actually do. Also we’ve done more ops and other thing’s together, so we’ve learned from each another, but we all know who was the first be SF in the world, got the job done at any cost without a doubt. SAS began through out WWII, we have the most experience than any other

  137. Marcus Reply

    The Danish look the moost stealthy and honestly look the best service but the SAS takes all and everyone knows that. I was expecting Britsh Royal Marines since their training is so much harder than any US training

  138. jas Reply

    Israeli special forces have got to have a mention.with every country surrounding them wanting to eredicate them they are on constant alert

    • the guy who was who was wrong about weight. Reply

      Don’t you mean them wanting to eradicate everyone else?

  139. gaz Reply

    The royal navy’s sbs are by far the best special force in the world hands down. They do everything the sas do plus all the underwater,oils rig ocean Liner ops. Plus they never brag about it. Hence the motto not by strength by guile

    • Matt Reply

      I 100% agree. The SBS do a lot they are not given credit for, and in fact a lot assume the SAS have done jobs when it is carried out by the little known SBS. Hands down winners in my opinion with experience to back that up.

    • dec Reply

      SAS are much better by far, they have barely any equipment but are able to fight either in open combat or covert

  140. Steve gully Reply

    The S.B.S (British) by a country mile. All done without the need to shout from the rooftops about what they have done.

  141. Liam Reply

    i really think the British sas and sbs should be the top two, they are both really underestimated

  142. Mark Reply

    British SAS is by a long way the most powerful force in the world, nobody fucks with them, in any terrain they are unstoppable.

  143. Caner Reply

    TURKISH BORDO BERELILER (MAROON BARETS) They should be top of the list, which kind of gives me an idea if whom owns this web page!!!

    • Talha Reply

      YES brother you are right , Pakistan Special service group is the most dangerous force in the world
      , When other country forces stuck in mission then Pakistan army is complete the missions,even American stuck in somaliya then. The Pakistan Army throw him out of hell,,,,

  144. Guilherme Orsini Reply

    Not proud to say that but Brazil has one of the best especial forces in the world due to it homicide rate higher then Gaza, Iraq, Syria combined.
    and another thing, SEALS and SAS go to Brazil to learn from BOBE and other special forces in Brazil, this article is only showing the fancy equipment.

    don’t believe search it

    • Greg Reply

      The SAS are involved in training all special forces over the world! As are the American special forces…each country has a specific type of elite force most suited to it corse,the British SAS and SBS has and will always be the most elite. But I think you’ll find that there are a lot of inter special forces training and testing to keep the guys fit and sharp!
      You can ask any spec oppsoperative (pride aside) the British SAS paved the way for most special forces across the world! But the Danish look bad ass tho

      • brit scum Reply

        Classic British mentality. Always think they are the best in the world when in reality they are some of the worst and are completely ignorant to the fact that they really know nothing else about the rest of the world. And yet they just assume they are the best. Classic British thinking, Cocky, ignorant, and dumb.

        • Jim

          Obviously you’re an expert in all things SF. With a name like ‘brit scum’ we’re definitely going to be bowing to your expert knowledge on the subject of special ops operators and their professional capabilities. Only a civilian would even comment on things they quite obviously know absolutely nothing about. End of.

        • A Brit

          You sir are as deluded as anyone, you clearly know absolutely nothing about world special forces

        • al

          What a racist prick also the SAS are the elite of the elite especially in hostage rescue situations.

        • James

          If you are American then that is one of the most ironic statements I have heard in a long time! American or not you still define the word moron

        • guy

          No we don’t, we usually b*tch about all the sh*tty decisions our government makes and other stuff. It’s as stupid as saying all americans eat burgers and are over weight even though a higher percentage of british people are over weight


          classic keyboard warrior who doesn’t understand the types of training the SAS go through and how they operate with other countries.

        • US Scum

          Well, you are clearly American….. considering 99% of your country believe they are the best in the world is completely laughable and incredibly delusional of you all, The U.S is a piece of shit, 100% Brainwashed by The Government i could go on for days

        • suck it yank

          I think ull find that all American forces special or not are based on and trained by there British counterparts. And the british are the only special forces unit to train only using live ammunition and the SAS designed and we’re the first to implement the kill house used for training purposes I know this because sir renaulph fines is my neighbour one of the first 12 SAS founders

        • Crazy Frog

          What a twat. US Special Forces, while good at what they do, only retain 1 thing over their British counterparts and that’s numbers. They are predominantly trained using techniques first laid down by both the SAS and the SBS.

          you can’t say the SAS are better than the SBS as both regiments perform different operations. They are both equally as good as each other.

          Navy Seals are a good outfit but I tip my hat to the British SBS.

          Israeli special forces are hard core in their own unique way.

          What’s the point in cock fighting, we should all be thankful there are people out their with the backbone to do the jobs the rest of us can’t.

        • America fan

          Yeeeeaaa whoooo America Yeeeaaa whooooo I’ve got a gun yeeeeaaa whoooo bad ass yeeeaaaa whoooo lookie mom i shot a tree that looked like freekin Alian Yeeeaaa whoooo we won the world war because we fought when it finished so there fore we won it yeeeaaaa whoooo

        • Herefordian

          To “Suck It Yank”

          Ranny Fiennes was not a founder, I know this because my father trained him.

          To “Brit Scum”, you can only be Irish with that attitude to the SAS

          To everyone else: No doubt that the SAS are the most highly specialised of all. They train SBS too, though not in the use of boats! We regularly see foreign SF soldiers here, mostly Americans, and our own guys visit most others to share experiences (not Iranians or Israelis though).

          Read some books on the regiment, there’s a lot of good stuff in there. Just don’t read any of that Andy McNabb rubbish!

        • gaz

          We can’t be that dumb we conquered over 3 quarters of the world when we were an empire hmm ??? and just to be cocky the sas is the world’s elite as are the sbs they train all other special forces the navy seals are nothing especially when you compare how hard interigation training is a navy seal wouldn’t last ten minutes under sas interigation and torture

    • dec Reply

      All British Special forces go around the world to train it just makes them as good as they are, however I don’t know what they are but the Brazilian either army or Police are pretty extraordinary I remember a documentary about them, Andy McNab saw them and even he was amazed

      • White Army Boy Reply

        Ever Heard of the White Army? They are the hardest special force, in the world.

    • A.Silva Reply

      The correct name is: “BOPE”, Their units have extensive experience in urban warfare as well as progression in confined and restricted environments.

  145. Morgan Reply

    People seriously underestimate the British SAS and SBS, effective in any condition and terrain

    • dec Reply

      If you watch Bravo two zero the film or read the book you will think twice about underestimating SAS

  146. Al Reply

    It’s all well an good but everyone knows you don’t fuck with the British SAS!!! End of!

    • Alex Reply

      The Danish look the most dangerous, but let’s be serious, we all know either the US Navy Seals or the British SAS are the most deadly

    • Ben o Reply

      The whole world no the British sas are the absolute elite of this world and everyother countries no that. The most slackest are the American special forces. The whole world no they only have half a brain cell and are the slackest country in the world. So people what ever you say about our country is bollocks because you no yourself British are at the top. END OFF.

      • HugoN Reply

        Dude, for someone posting comments your spelling is fucking horrendous. I would’ve agreed with you but how do you trust someone who has the mental ability of a 3 year old?

  147. joseph ravick Reply

    What kind of sick societies spend and expend their most valuable resources, their people, on such destructive efforts. If a person reads the intent behind the words and photos, the real question being asked is “Which country can kill most effectively?”, or alternatively, “Which country has the best killers.” What person wouldn’t want the following on their resume; “A critical component of the world’s best Killing Team (voted November 2014 at WONDERFULENGINEERING.COM” What greater acclaim can a person aspire to!

  148. Jason Reply

    JTF2 Canada is definitely the top, with one of the best special forces avalible. they can survive under every climate and condition. we canadians kick ass and well i guess i feel bad for anyone who comes across a jtf2 soldier or anyone who ends up the the scope of their sniper!

  149. jonathan Reply

    Canadians alongside russians have the best forces for one reason and only one: climate, canadians gets to train in every weather wich makes them effective in every situation. Plus due to the lack of budgeting in the canadian forces every soldier gets to train in everything before specializing so a sniper snipes right? NOT canadian snipers will be able to Kick your ass in every way whitout even using his rifle

  150. Ace Reply

    Canadian special forces have the same training as a SEAL and a Spetzna. In fact, we help train the US Army Rangers and the SEALs. Small force they may be but they’re effective nonetheless

  151. Frank Reply

    Not sure about country v country and its a bit of a no win discussion anyway. But that Kiwi guy is Willie Apiata. He won the VC in Afganistan and he is the real deal.

  152. paul Reply

    I’m going with Canadian forces, not because I’m Canadian but because we fight for humanity and freedom, when the time to overcome adversity is needed. We dont fight out of religion, or a map drawn 2 millennium ago. We fight for the betterment of the planet. We are the “peace keepers” and we can clean up everyone else’s mess, but remember, unlike everyone else we can clean up our own mess too. CANADA ALL THE WAY!!!

  153. Jan Reply

    Your sucha fucking shit nation on earth, if you name any terror attack on any country their roots will be in stupid Pakistan, but I can say not all Pakistanis are assholes but most of them, your killing your own relegious people every where, you mentioned about ISIS, let’s see where this ISIS will go in few months, if indian and Russia joins with USA, canada alies, there won’t be any safe heaven for them, canada is a peaceful country but you guys attacked the parliament, no hindu will do terror attacks don’t compare your stupid shit nation on this earth to the heave India, if India really want to attack on you there there won’t be any Pakistan in world map
    Got it,you bastard , hold your tongue before word come out.
    If you do something in India
    This is the final call for you guys
    Get ready

    • kje7k Reply

      Should we appreciate for your hate speech and bashing Pakistan while portraying India as a peace loving country.
      Your comment pretty much shows your mentality and stupidity. There are bad eggs in every nation including India who has always made life difficult for all minorities (specially muslims and christians), not to mention the riots that keep on happening every once in a while and the killings Indians do each year. Just look up the hate crimes, injuries or deaths in India just in year 2014.
      Stop being a retard and stop hate if you want peace.

      • Gagan Kumar Reply

        sorry u r wrong miniroties are in good condition in india pls visit and chek the status of minorities

  154. Klaas Reply

    The best special forces are the ones serving the people and not serving like a mercenary a bunch of criminals that rule rougue states like the US and most western countrys.

  155. mike Reply

    US NAVY SEAL HOOOYAAH. When training in Blackwater in Moyock North Carolina some of your special forces listed above were trained by the prior service men of the US special forces squadrians. coincidentally Navy Seals trained the Georgian Army and there special forces for tactical warfare. you may be fast strong a good killing machine but we have those in the elite seal team and we have newer and better toys!

  156. Shalene Reply

    I got partway through the list before I felt like there was somebody on there from every army out there 😛
    On the other hand, I found it fascinating that the Chinese have a cavalry division

  157. cackrb Reply

    The canadian forces are the best trained soldiers in the world, they just dont have the money or equipment. Why do you think other countries send their troops to Canada for training.

  158. american Reply

    Canadian special forces are top notch folks in getting the job done quick and silently. I salute them.

  159. G.O.D.S. (Grumpy Old Drill Sergeant) Reply

    Navy Seals, and MarSOC have both admitted they would give anything to be part of the Army Combined Application Group… And they are so secret, they weren’t mentioned, and people here only know their press name. It’s funny.

  160. Jay Reply

    Someone please take Iraq out of the list because they ran and Pakistanis couldn’t capture Bin Laden down the block from their military base so ummm yeah.

    • Jad Reply

      Those are Special Forces (or what they call “Golden Division” in Iraq). They’re only deployed on special missions. The ones who ‘ran’ were mostly members of the Federal Police. And they ‘ran’ because their commanders and officers left them first without giving orders or engagement or withdrawal. It’s all a game. Everything going on is a paid game.

  161. Jeff Reply

    British SAS….. You just don’t mess with em. You don’t really stand a chance.

  162. Daniel Reply

    The Canadian JTF2 was said to be the most preferred Special Forces in Afghanistan by the Pentagon, though I don’t see how they could compare to the experience of the American Navy Seals. Cost effectiveness must be brought into it I guess. However the Danish Special Forces look awesome!!! They’re like the Wraiths of Morder, lol!

  163. mekilla Reply

    We ahud jus get everyone together to kill these paki n indians together n the muslim jew thing too…yall the countries unstable like that..yall gona bring us to a world war

  164. Mikey Reply

    JTF2 are one of the best and also Canadian snipers are the best in the world they have backed up US special forces in Afghanistan saving many lives.

  165. Emin Reply

    A reminder, Nato doesnt do a the best special force competition anymore after turkish special forces (maroon berets) 3 years consecutively winning the competition with the highest score. (Competition between : greece austria turkey belgium holland US germany and france)

  166. Spencer Reply

    Say what you will but the Canadians all ways clean up everyone else’s mess so good that other country’s take credit for there work just like ghosts world war 2 the Germans called the Canadians storms troopers cause no matter what they did they just keep on coming

    • Canadian Reply

      Exactly, I think it shows when you free Holland, Italy, France, Denmark, Luxembourg, etc, etc.

  167. Joe Reply

    How much longer until the average American LEO is up there? The average American SWAT team would put half of those countries to shame.

    • Mans Reply

      hahah the average american swat team puts police forces in shame! Count the number of innocent killed in swat operations and you will be shocked! And its not even a warzone! WORST comparison ever buddy

      Im Little bit surprised the Swedish SSG, SOG or paratroop rangers arent in the list

  168. Max Reply

    Just went full retarded on the Chinese special forces. Guys on horses and swords? Interesting pictures. But come on seriously?

  169. Malik Reply

    Man, the Canadian JTF have some of the highest confirmed kills of high value targets in the middle east.

  170. Barnesy Reply

    Obviously the Aussies come out tops as no photographer was able to get close enough in for a decent photo!

  171. Xi Jinping Reply

    d’fac with Pakis Special Forces…. They couldn’t even pluck out Osama Bin Laden in his hideout.

  172. Nilanjan Sarkar Reply

    Most dangerous are pakistani milllitants,, they are trained to kill innocent people… they are the enemy of humanity,, remember any dangerous soldier is a soldier when he will follow rhe rules and diciplined,,
    But these pakistani millitants attacks u from ur backside,,, ,they are afraid to stand in front,,,
    They are coward,,, pakistani army is helping in their stupid cause
    We want to stay peacefully,, but some of these people won’t let us stay… be dangerous to fight evil not with oneanother

    • Khan Reply

      Ur absultly right they are the most stupid army and most stupid nation in the world. Our beloved country afghanistan is suffring for morthan 3 decade cuse if this bloody country and thier fake politic they are not a true muslims nor a good nighbore we love india morthan bloody pakis

    • kje7k Reply

      Same can be said for Indian religious groups guided by Hindutva ideology. Not to mention all the tortures and killings these groups do (sometimes in mass levels) against all minorities and then claim to be peaceful. Pathetic!

  173. trejan Reply

    Special Task force (STF) of Sri Lanka needs to be mentioned as well. Given they won a 30 year war with their capabilities the USA was sniffing around for intelligence.

  174. harman singh Reply

    i think all the forces are great. infact they are all equall as they are fighting for me,you, our family and our nations. stop compairing them. go join one and than see. its not really easy to get in any special force. you need to be smart as.
    jai hind!

    • Tor Drummond Reply

      First should be NZ SAS
      Then Brit/Auzzie SAS
      Then spetnaz
      Then foreign legion
      US are the worst, just FYI and don’t have a SAS unit

      • charley Reply

        FYfreakingI the US doesn’t need SAS, we have Delta, SEALs, Army Rangers, Green Berets, and oh yeah, the fucking A Marines.

        • Icy Blow

          Jesus, you guys are both dumb, one of you hates America simply because it’s military is big, and the other thinks Americans are brilliant because of all the names of units he’s heard of on T.V. If we’re talking about danger, the Americans are up there, and that’s usually because of Quantity and resources, but you wouldn’t say they were “soft”.

          SAS means essentially nothing except that it’s a “Special Air Service” which isn’t as good as the SBS, “Special Boat Service” which is roughly the same as the “U.S Navy Seals”.

          Dangerous would be the Israelis, Canadians, and the Kiwis. Isreali’s, because of their brutality and endurance. And Canadians and Kiwi’s because of their shear effectiveness and success rate.