China Develops A Laser Defense System That Can Shoot Down Flying Drones

Laser Defense System – Goodbye Drones 3

Here’s a wake up call for all the drone owners who are in China. Chinese scientists are working to create a laser having the ability to take out drones from the sky. It has been reported by media that China Academy of Engineering Physics has been developing a laser defense system aimed at tackling the exponentially growing drone technology and the early tests have proven to be a success.Laser Defense System – Goodbye Drones 4

There is no doubt in the fact that drones have become the word and can be seen almost at all places for various purposes. That is where keeping a check on them becomes an important concern. According to China Academy of Engineering Physics, the Low Altitude Sentinel System has been designed so that it is quite capable of taking out smaller aircrafts; it locks the target and in another 5 seconds the target is nothing but dust. The system can tackle drones cruising at 180 km/h at an altitude of 500 meters or lower within a radius of about 2 km.Laser Defense System – Goodbye Drones 2

Yi Jinsong, Manager at the China Jiuyuan Hi-Tech Equipment Corporation that is working in collaboration with the academy on this project, said, “Intercepting small drones has usually been the work of snipers and helicopters, but their success rate is not as high, and mistakes with accuracy can result in unwanted damage.”Laser Defense System – Goodbye Drones

According to the Academy, the laser system can be either transported in vehicles or installed in them.  This is the system to turn to if you want to prevent flyovers during events in a certain area. During testing, the Academy claims, the laser shot down 30 drones with an accuracy of 100 percent. The team is working to devise similar systems that have improved power and range. Check out the youtube video below for more details:

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