Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Says That The Metaverse Is The Same As Gaming

Many tech firms appear to be focused on the Metaverse and what it may represent for the future of the internet. Many individuals began to describe the metaverse as a virtual 3D environment where people would connect using avatars, and they quickly began comparing it to video games. This week, Microsoft’s CEO has leaned into the comparison, implying that Microsoft’s background in gaming will boost its metaverse objectives.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, has discussed the metaverse’s potential and how it links with gaming. He even claimed that the two are nearly identical.

“You and I will soon be sitting at a conference room table with our avatars, holograms, or even 2D surfaces with surround audio,” Nadella said to the Financial Times, reminiscing on the Xbox’s 20-year history and the diverse gaming brands Microsoft develops. “Guess what? The place where we have been doing that forever… is gaming.”

Microsoft’s goals, according to Nadella, include making game-creation tools more readily available to individuals who wish to work in the metaverse. He also believes that younger generations, already accustomed to using avatars in games, will adapt more quickly to utilising avatars for other uses.

In addition, Nadella also discussed what the future might hold for remote work and an internet that can be navigated with a single constant identity.

Microsoft’s metaverse ambitions may be in jeopardy, according to recent reports. A subsequent version of the HoloLens was cancelled, a mixed-reality partnership with Samsung went down, and some staff in that division departed to join Meta.

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