Microsoft 70-347 Exam: What Should You Know about This Certification Test?

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Why is the Microsoft 70-347 exam so popular these days?

Anyone who is remotely interested in the IT industry and even people who are not interested in it are aware of Microsoft. That is not surprising as it is, perhaps, the biggest company when it comes to the IT solutions for professional usage. Having a certification that is approved by Microsoft is truly a mark of success in the IT professionals’ career because it shows that these individuals now have the stamp of approval from the company that dominates in the whole industry. The Microsoft 70-347 exam is one of the many tests offered by Microsoft that you can take in order to obtain their certificate.

Who should take this exam?

We recommend that the candidates who are going to sit for this exam be experiencedin Office 365 Admin and understand the following programs: Office 365 ProPlus, Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Skype for Business Online, Microsoft Exchange Online andSharePoint Online. The students should be aware of descriptions of these services, their configuration options and how they can integrate with the organization’s existing on-premises infrastructure and identity management so that they can support any particular business requirements that they have.

What is the Microsoft 70-347 exam?

In order to become a certified specialist getting the MCSA: Office 365 credential, there are two exams you need to pass. The first is theMicrosoft 70-346 test and then you have to pass the Microsoft 70-347 exam(Enabling Office 365 Services). This MCSA credential proves that you are capable enough to install and administer various cloud-hosted applicants using Office 365, which includes Exchange, Skype for Business and SharePoint.

The 70-347 exam is focused on particular skills that are necessary for obtaining the certificate. There are different skill areas that are tested and all of them have a weight in the test. The areas are:

  • Skype for Business Onlineand Plan for Exchange. It contributes 20-25 percent of the questions to the test.
  • Provision of SharePoint Online Site Collections. 20-25% are related to this topic.
  • End-user devices and managing clients. It forms 20-25 percent of the questions.
  • Skype for Business Online for end users and configuration of Exchange Online. It also gives 20-25% to the exam.
  • Planning for Skype for Business Online and Exchange Online. You can expect 20-25% of the questions related to this area.

As you can see, there are many topics. We recommend that while preparing for the exam, you divide your time rationally in order to cover all the areas. Therefore, you’ll be able to focus on every aspect of the exam and will not end up missing something important.

What does the exam look like?

Before taking any exam, it is necessary to be aware of the essential components of it. The Microsoft 70-347 certification test is also referred to as Enabling Office 365 Services. There are numerous kinds of questions in the exam, including drag and drop, multiple choice, hot spot, best answer, etc. We know that some of these patterns may seem a little unfamiliar to you, but before you take the test, we suggest that you watch some genuine tutorial videos in order to familiarize yourself with the exam and learn how to answer every kind if question. Thus, you will not waste your time in the actual test figuring out how to deal with the questions. You will be able to concentrate on what matters most in the exam: answering the questions correctly. The Microsoft Learning Platform is the best place to go for this kind of information as it is given by the company that provides the exam.

How to register for the exam?

To do this, you will need to send your application at the page of the test on the Microsoft website. The best and easiest method for taking this exam is writing it in a test center that is near you. You can check out the Microsoft website in order to see whether the company offers the online proctored exam in your area and take it online if that is what suits you. However, this is just an option that Microsoft is still testing out and it might not be possible in your region.

The bottom line

More and more businesses have started to use IT for some of their traditional roles these days. While this switch is not a new phenomenon, it is still very common and companies have started using Microsoft. According to a particular report, more organizations are discovering the great potential of the Microsoft products, especially for the Cloud production suite, which is subscription based. Those companies that use Office 365 have had a 13-percent increase in their previous numbers. This growth is a clear proof of the fact that now there is and will be, an increasing demand in experts who can use these Office 365 products and help the organizations that they work for. The MCSA certification is the way to prove that you are well equipped to deal with these products.

As you can see, the Microsoft 70-347 exam is one of the most popular and useful tests in the IT industry now. It covers a wide variety of topics and passing this exam is considered to be a true mark of skill, which is highly valuable for the potential employers and the HR specialists when they look for people to work in their IT departments.

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