Meteor May Have Caused Huge Explosion Over New Hampshire, Scientists Say

Speculations were abuzz yesterday over social media when an unknown explosive sound shook North Hampshire. The state, media, and experts all were taken aback as there was no particular reason for the explosion.

Now the meteorologists are speculating that a meteor passed over the state of North Hampshire before exploding. The same has been suggested by satellite imagery. If this is confirmed, the residents of North Hampshire would answer what caused the loud explosion. This can very well be the case as the U.S. Geological Survey didn’t find any evidence of an earthquake in the area within the seven days leading up to the event. Therefore, the conclusion of the geological survey rules out all possibilities of an earthquake.

With the above-stated developments in mind, an exploding meteor makes sense. The NYT also noted that the Orionids and Draconids meteor showers are ongoing at the moment, which makes it an eventful time of the year in connection with meteor flybys. However, the NWS is still not able to find Bolides the fireballs created after the meteor explosion.

“Sure enough, there was a little blip there right around the time that folks started calling and reporting about the sound,” NWS meteorologist Greg Cornwell told the NYT.

The meteor explosion is still a hypothesis, just like the phantom earthquake. The satellite that initially reported the explosion may have made an error, or it could have been a coincidence. In a nutshell, the meteor explosion is the best possible explanation as of now.

“Now there have been cases where these sort of exploding fireballs or bolides will cause a false positive,” Cornwell told the NYT. “It showed up in the data, and it’s kind of a hunch.”   

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