Residents In This City Have Heard A Huge Explosion – And No One Knows What Caused It


A huge boom was heard in New Hampshire on Sunday morning. Generally, sounds of such magnitude come with an explanation, but the reason is unknown this time around.

The US Geological Survey’s National Earthquake Information Center believes that ascertaining the reason for the explosion at the moment is a tough ask, as per the New York Times. As is the norm, when there is no explanation of a particular phenomenon, people speculate, and the amount of speculation around this explosion is also huge. The internet is abuzz with all kinds of conspiracy theories, from large explosions, meteorite landings, and some sort of military activity at a nearby Space Force base.

According to the US Geological Survey geophysicist Jessica Turner, New Hampshire could suffer mild earthquakes on occasion. The most recent quake in the area, according to her, was a magnitude 1.7 quake in August.

As agency geophysicist, Don Blakeman told the New York Times, just because the Geological Survey didn’t identify an earthquake doesn’t mean one didn’t happen.

Meanwhile, locals in New Hampshire are left perplexed by what they have just observed. Others informed the media that they were at home when they heard a tremendous explosion and had no choice but to turn to the internet for information. One quipped that he was ready for the end of the world.

“Fortunately, I’d gone to church this morning,” fire chief Dan MacDonald told the NYT. “So I felt prepared.”


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