Meta Is Launching A Twitter Rival Named ‘Threads’, And It Could Arrive This Week

Meta’s much-anticipated Twitter rival may finally be arriving on July 6th. The iOS App Store has listed an app called Threads with an estimated release date matching the aforementioned day. Although an earlier report suggested a potential end-of-June launch, it seems that the wait is almost over. Interestingly, this timing could work in Meta’s favor, as Twitter recently implemented restrictions on the number of tweets unverified accounts can read per day.

In a recent announcement, Elon Musk shared that verified accounts (typically associated with paying users) would have access to reading 6,000 posts daily, while unverified or non-paying users would be limited to 600 posts. Twitter claims that these measures aim to combat data scraping and system manipulation. However, this move has left regular users frustrated and locked out of their feeds due to the limited reading capacity. Consequently, the arrival of Meta’s Threads app could provide an alternative for users seeking a more inclusive platform.

Threads is described by Meta as an “Instagram’s text-based conversation app.” According to the screenshots available on the app store listing, users can maintain their Instagram handle and follow the same accounts they do on the popular photo-sharing platform. This integration allows users to seamlessly transition their pre-existing followers and circles to the new app, giving Threads an advantage over other Twitter competitors. The app will offer users the option to customize the privacy settings of their posts, making them visible to everyone, only to the profiles they follow, or exclusively to mentioned accounts. Furthermore, users will have the ability to like, send, and share other people’s posts.

Initial reports had suggested that Meta’s Twitter alternative would be a decentralized service compatible with Mastodon. However, it remains unclear whether this remains the case at launch. In a matter of days, users and industry observers will have a definitive answer.

As the release date approaches, excitement and curiosity are building around Meta’s Threads app. Whether it will successfully challenge Twitter’s dominance or not, it presents an opportunity for users to explore an alternative social media experience.

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