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Mercedes Plans To Recall Over 1 Million Vehicles Worldwide After 51 Cars Catch Fire

Mercedes On Fire

Remember when Mercedes-Benz was a sign of exceptional reliability? Maybe not anymore. The biggest producer of premium cars, Mercedes-Benz is a brand famous not only for its tremendously elegant design and opulent cost but also for its resilience and reliability.

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After a series of fire incidents, Daimler AG, the owner of Mercedes-Benz recalled over a million cars of the latest range of Mercedes-Benz. The fires are reported to be linked to a faulty fuse in the vehicle. 51 such incidents have occurred, out of which 30 happened in the US.

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The recall will take effect in June when the replacement parts become available, but

” any affected vehicles in inventory will not be sold until they can be outfitted with the additional fuse,” says the Mercedes-Benz spokesman.

The situation is stressful for the owners who will be driving around in vehicles that could potentially light on fire anytime. The latest 2017 models are included in the 30,000 of these vehicles which will be recalled from the US alone.

The owners of the cars can visit Daimler’s recall site to check if their vehicles are faulty, but the owners will be officially notified of the recall later this month. The recall is not the first one of its kind. There have been mild incidents where the issue was resolved by just replacing a component, but some have been more fatal. One such incident occurred in 2014 when General Motors had to recall 5.78 million cars due to a defective ignition switch. Toyota Motor North America, Inc. also recalled nearly 92,000 of its Toyota Prius sedan 2016 and 2017 models due to a safety concern with the breaks.

As for the case of Mercedes-Benz, none of the fire incidents have caused any injury so far. We hope that it stays that way, at least till the German automaker rectifies the issue and saves its reputation.

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