Mercedes Energy Storage Systems Will Be Installed In UK Homes

Electric cars are entering the markets faster than was anticipated but EV batteries are not the only one on the market. Storage batteries are now becoming an essential element of many homes. Tesla, with all its publicity and hype, seems to be on top of energy storage systems with its definite plans of Powerwall batteries but Mercedes-Benz Energy has entered the arena with the new home energy storage systems that will be delivered to UK homes soon.

Daimler starts deliveries of Mercedes-Benz energy storage units for private homes.
Source: Daimler

ACCUmotive which is a Daimler subsidiary has developed Mercedes-Benz batteries, which are in use in the automobiles. The Mercedes hybrids are lithium-ion cells that store the energy produced by wind turbines, or the solar systems at homes. Each battery can store 2.5 kWh of power, and eight such units can be set up for a combined capacity of 20 kWh. The unit has integrated cells and can be mount on a wall for a neat look. The Tesla Powerwall batteries are different, that come with 7.5 kWh, and ten kWh capacity and the units can combine for a total capacity of up to 58 kWh.

Smallest 2.5 kWh battery
Source: New Atlas

The company says that the home battery system can help consume up to 65 percent of the total generated energy which is otherwise just fed to the grid. Users will be able to store the energy their personal wind or solar systems produce and use it during the peak-rate times. The head of development Electrics at Mercedes-Benz, Harald Kröger says, “There is tremendous interest in our energy storage units, and we have already received numerous orders. Over the coming months, we will continue to step up and expand sales both in Germany and on the international market.” The product is also planned to make its way to the US market this year.

Wall mounted Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Unit
Source: New Atlas

As the Mercedes-Benz energy storage system customizes for each home, the costs will vary accordingly. However, the expectation is that the package will include a solar system, battery inverter, energy management system along with the batteries. The customers will also pay for installation, and according to an estimate, the cost of such a system for a conventional home will cost about US$10,000, which also includes installation.

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