Mercedes Maybach’s Digital Light Can Project Symbols On The Road While Driving

digital lights

An impressive intelligent headlight upgrade is coming soon to the New S-Class Maybachs. The new lights come with 2 million pixel resolution. It works with the car’s sensors and computer to display useful information for the driver on the road in front of the car. In 2009, a technology demonstrator from Mercedes-Benz showcased some very interesting technological innovations for the time. It includes inflating seatbelt airbags, back seat camera that showed what your kids on the back seat are up to, high friction braking bags that inflate when faced with an unavoidable crash and makes the car stop faster.

The tech that really caught the attention was the main beam intelligent headlights. The digital lights have 100 individually controlled LEDs that interact with sensors on the car to perform tasks like keeping the high beams on and lighting the road completely whilst avoiding the eyes of the incoming drivers. They also visually highlight the pedestrians who step out on the road when the car has its low beams on. Now after 10 years, Mercedes Maybach has taken this concept to a whole new level.

Digital Lights, which will be installed on the selected S-Class vehicles in few months has 2 million pixels in their headlights. This allows very fine tuning of these kinds of effects. Along with that, it also has the ability to display high-resolution symbols and markings to assist the driver on the road. It also assists the driver with the big white lines that represent the total width of the car to help you figure out if you can fit through a narrow gap or not. Pedestrians, who are in danger of stepping out in front of the car, are pointed at with big fat arrows. A speed-sensitive distance marker shows how far the driver should stay away from the car in front.

There are some other symbols like blind spot warning which show up on the road as chevrons point the driver back into their lane before they have even looked at the mirrors. The digital light also has lane keeping symbols, construction site symbols, low-grip surface symbols and speed symbols as well. The selective high beam function is also smart and dims the lights when it is expected to shine directly into people’s faces. It also illuminates pedestrian’s bodies but avoids throwing a bright beam on their faces. Almost everything can be projected in 2 megapixels black and white resolution even though it is expected that the rules on the content will be somewhat restrictive. Lets see how this technology rolls out once it is unveiled in the new S class!

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