Dashcam Records Video of Tesla Model 3 Avoiding An Accident Very Swiftly

tesla autopilot

Tesla’s autopilot mode is in the news for quite some time since the last year. There were fatal crashes and run-ins with parked cars, and it seems like the feature was seeing a tough time. However, a recent dashcam video posted on YouTube shows a good side of the autopilot as well.

tesla autopilot

The footage was posted by a user TeslaExposed and showed a Tesla Model 3 avoiding a crash very swiftly. The user explained the incident in the video description, and said, “Close call while cruising on the highway along with traffic when an idiot who was speeding and cutting everyone off almost sideswiped us with kid inside. Autopilot was engaged and started to brake and moved us to the right lane to avoid a collision.”

He said, “Be safe out there and always be alert even with Autopilot engaged and watch out for idiot drivers.” The video has also brought up an important point which was often made by Tesla that the autopilot mode is not a substitute for remaining alert on the road all the time.

Elon Musk has consistently defended the system by quoting various road accident statistics and comparing the possible outcomes of similar events without the help of autopilot in the car. He also called out on media for their unfair coverage of Tesla-related accidents. The company also published blog posts which acknowledged any reported accidents but also attempted to explain many ways through which autopilot helps to avoid accidents. March 2018 post of Tesla states, “No one knows about the accidents that didn’t happen, only the ones that did.” The statement further said, “There are about 1.25 million automotive deaths worldwide. If the current safety level of a Tesla vehicle were to be applied, it would mean about 900,000 lives saved per year.”

Such remarks have always seen opposition where people stated that the company is being insensitive towards the death of the victims of these accidents. However, Tesla always said that they are merely trying to prevent more tragic events in the future. There has also been some good news to support Tesla’s continued trust in autopilot. Last month, music producer Zedd shared on Twitter that how the system was able to save his life. While his testimonial is the high-profile support of the success of autopilot success, Tesla has still made it clear that they are working to improve the performance of their self-driving technology.

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