Mercedes Is About To Become The First Company To Offer Level 3 Autonomous Driving In The U.S


Mercedes-Benz said that its Drive Pilot system has been certified by the state of Nevada, and the business is now waiting for the American state to give the official certificate of conformity, which should happen “within the next two weeks,” according to a press statement.

Mercedes-Benz’s approval to operate a Level 3 autonomous driving function on Nevada‚Äôs roads makes it the first automaker to earn such approval in the United States. Mercedes-Benz S-Class and all-electric EQS will have Level 3 automation, which allows the vehicle to drive itself under certain conditions. When this occurs, the driver’s attention is taken away from the road, and the person in the driver’s seat is not considered to be “driving.”

Level 3 automation, on the other hand, is limited to speeds of up to 40 mph (64 km/h). That is, it will be mostly employed during traffic congestion. While this isn’t complete autonomy, it does mean that a motorist can read emails or take their eyes off the road during their ride. Level-3 driving systems can provide autonomous driving capabilities but still require a driver to be there and ready to take over when the system prompts them to.

Another feature that will be available in North America is Automatic Lane Change (ALC), which allows the car to initiate a lane change and overtake slower vehicles using the cruise control system. When approaching exit ramps or highway intersections, it can also conduct automatic lane changes to assist with route advice. ALC will be included in Mercedes’ existing Level 2 partially automated driving suite, which is now available in the United States.

Although some companies have begun operating completely autonomous vehicles in cities such as San Francisco, those vehicles are referred to as “robotaxis.” Meanwhile, Mercedes’ Drive Pilot is focused on customer automobiles.


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