300 MPH Test for the Venom F5 Could Happen in Next 12 Months, Hennessey Says


The famous Hennessey Venom F5 hypercar could break the 300 mph barrier within the next twelve months, according to John Hennessey.

He stated: “The Department of Transportation in Texas has been very good to us to let us test cars.”

The vehicle has a GM-derived V8 good for 1,817 hp, and it’s reportedly capable of a zero-to-60 mph time of just 2.6 seconds. 

The aim is for the Venom F5 to run a two-way average test. This will entail making the car run in opposite directions on the same patch of a road back-to-back and taking the average of the top speeds achieved. 

The company is expecting to perform the test near its base in Sealy, Texas, to enable its customers and employees to watch the attempt. A closed piece of one of Texas’s public highways would be the best venue. Hennessey has also taken into account the stretch of Nevada tarmac used by Koenigsegg for its Agera RS top speed test. However, the road is too thin.

Early testing has taken place on NASA runways in Florida, but the company found that a 3.2-mile stretch of tarmac wasn’t enough to safely test the car’s top speed. 

Regardless, last year, the Venom F5 already hit 271 mph during a run that wasn’t intended to push the vehicle’s top speed. The expectation of if it can make it and if it can succeed will come once the venue for the test is finalized. 


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