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Mercedes Congratulates BMW On Completing 100 Years With This Cool Advertisement

BMW recently celebrated its 100th anniversary and guess who decided to shower them with some warm feelings and a congratulations? Mercedes-Benz! The company congratulated BMW via friendly advertisement along with an invitation to their museum. The rivalry between BMW and Mercedes is no secret. Everyone knows that the two automakers are fighting for the top spot for decades.

The advertisement that was published via Mercedes-Benz read, “Thank you for 100 years of competition.“ Congratulation was also extended via press release from Mercedes that also invited BMW employees to visit the Mercedes museum. From March 8th to March 13th, BMW employees enjoyed free admission and if anyone arrived driving a BMW, they were given the preferred free parking right next to the entrance. The cafe also served up a special Swabian treat at the end of the first 50 employees‘ tours.

Ralf Glaser, Head of Press and Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Classic said, “We warmly congratulate the globally renowned company BMW on its anniversary and invite all employees of BMW AG to discover the complete history of the automobile at the Mercedes-Benz Museum.”

He further said, “The unique exhibition at our museum, which opened at its new location ten years ago, takes visitors throughout the history of the automobile from its earliest beginnings – always in the context of the given historical and cultural background and contemporary innovative developments.”