BMW Congratulates Mercedes-AMG On 50th Anniversary With An Amazing Wish


BMW and Mercedes-AMG have given us years of enthralling competition on the race track, but their latest head butts on the avenues of advertisement are no less entertaining. With an apt response to Mercedes’ last year birthday wish, BMW’s M Division has continued the fierce decades-long rivalry and the struggle for supremacy with their cheeky response cum anniversary wish.

[Image Source: BMW Blog]
At the Nurburgring 24 hours endurance race last weekend, BMW M congratulated Mercedes AMG on their 50th Anniversary by putting up a refreshingly witty billboard at the famous German track.

The billboard said:

“You ordered cake, we made donuts. M congratulates AMG on its 50th anniversary.”

and has an M4 in the poster making donuts by laying rubber on the road and emitting smoke.

[Image Source: BMW Blog]

The two automobile giants have a history of banter, with Mercedes putting up a video last year on Instagram congratulating the Bavarians for their 100 years of competition. However, the ad ended with the message,


“The previous 30 years were actually a bit boring.”

BMW M’s tongue in cheek response at the Nurburgring was piled on by the supplementary poster saying

‘M, the most powerful letter in the world’.

So much for the “German don’t have a sense of humor” stereotype.

Here’s the video released by AMG on the occasion of their anniversary.


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