Audi Started An Ad War; BMW Took it Everywhere; Bentley Put An End


When automobile giants fight, they fight with style. Recently, an advertisement war was started between Audi and BMW. The war intensified over the months as both companies came up with competing billboard ads. Bentley entered the fight late but ended up quieting both Audi and BMW. Check out the pictures below that cover this ad-war in detail.

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Audi started an ad war, BMW took it everywhere


  1. Humphrey Reply

    This is a whole series of unrelated adverts from all over the world, used to make it seem like its been a back and forth…clearly the first Audi ad is for a newer model than all the Reply’s by Mercedes wouldn’t make sense using a 1st gen ML and X5 in and ad while Audi is using a 2008/2009 car

  2. rika Reply

    you actually missing one.

    congratulations to Audi, BMW, and that blue car for doing so well. in whatever class it is you kids seem to be trying so hard in. It’s adorable.

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