Megapixels Of Your Phone Camera Don’t Matter Anymore. Here Is the Reason


You hear a new phone has 10-13 Megapixel camera and you feel like buying it. You are obviously thinking “Oooo better pics for me”. But what exactly do you know about megapixel (MP)? It contains 1 million pixels which are tiny boxes made of three gradations: Red, Green or Blue.

Our smartphone has the capacity to capture images at even 12 MP, but it only displays image at 8 MP highest. This means that there is no point in rotating your image in 4k screen.

Let’s compare photos taken from both a smartphone and a DSLR. Although there is a difference in quality, still neither image shows any pixelations. Only when we enlarged the image to a movie-poster size does the smartphone picture show any noticeable pixelation.

Watch the video below by Tech Insider to get a detailed explanation on why megapixels in your smartphone camera don’t matter.



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Credit: Tech Insider's YouTube
Credit: Tech Insider’s YouTube

Conclusion? When it is about taking pictures from your smartphone, megapixels do not matter. Unless, of course, you want to enlarge them to the size of poster prints.


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