Man Tries To Take His Own Life After Being Convinced He Has Cancer By Doing Online Research

In a tragic incident in the Romanian city of Botosani, a man’s life was saved by prompt medical intervention after a desperate act of self-harm. Suffering from persistent colon pain and succumbing to the pitfalls of self-diagnosis through online sources, the unnamed individual decided to take drastic measures.

On a fateful Saturday, he informed his wife that he was fetching firewood from their outhouse for the boiler. However, he had darker intentions and, within minutes, sent a troubling text apologizing to his wife for his actions.

Alarmed by the ominous message, the wife rushed to the outhouse and discovered a horrific scene – her husband holding an angle grinder with one hand nearly severed. Acting swiftly, she called for an ambulance, and paramedics arrived promptly to stabilize the bleeding man.

He was then transported to Mavormati County Hospital, where a plastic surgery team skillfully reattached his damaged hand. Subsequently, he was transferred to another hospital in Iasi, where medical professionals are diligently working to preserve the mobility of his left hand.

According to the man’s relatives, he had been grappling with colon pain for an extended period, and his mental state had deteriorated as he self-diagnosed himself with colon cancer based on online information. Shockingly, he hadn’t sought professional medical advice, instead falling victim to the potentially perilous practice of relying on unverified internet sources for health information, which plunged him into a deep depression.

This distressing incident serves as a poignant reminder of the dangers associated with self-diagnosing medical conditions through online platforms. While the internet is a valuable resource, the story highlights the critical importance of consulting healthcare professionals for accurate diagnoses and appropriate medical advice.

The man is now in recovery, undergoing tests to address the symptoms that drove him to such extreme measures, emphasizing the need for heightened awareness surrounding mental health and the potential consequences of unchecked reliance on online information for medical concerns.

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