This Russian Man Filled His Wife’s Car With Concrete

Concrete Filled Car (4)

A woman in St. Petersburg, Russia legally changed her surname without asking her husband’s permission, and the man decided to fill her car with concrete and film the entire scene with a mobile phone.

The video shows the man directing a cement truck backing towards a car. He then positioned the chute through the car’s window and motioned the directed to fill up the car. The video showing the act went viral soon beyond Russia, leaving people in wonder and shock.

The name of the man has not been revealed but the story says, the couple was going through a sour time regarding their relationship. When a local supermarket chain Veniy (Loyal) declared an offer for paying 50,000 rubles ($880) a month to the customers willing to change their surname to the brand’s name, the woman took the offer. She did this without consulting her husband, who took his anger out on her beloved car. To perform the ultimate car destruction, the man actually drove the car out to a Veniy store and filled it up with concrete right out front.

This sounds like an ingenious way of avenging someone who loves their car enough to keep it spotless inside and out. When the video went public, the reactions were varying. The man and the cement truck driver could be charged with destruction of property, but some people even called the wife greedy for doing such a thing.

Another more believable theory suggests that it was actually a publicity stunt pulled by the supermarket itself as the car still stands outside the store and there has been no word from the owner. The idea of this being a prank is not new, some years back the World Wrestling Federation did the same thing when Stone Cold Steve Austin filled Steve McMahon’s convertible with cement on live TV. While that was on TV, there have been real incidents of people taking revenge in the same way in Russia.

Here is one video where a man breaks the window with a baseball bat and bricks it up:

Real or not real, the act is pretty brutal.


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  1. Zaher Reply

    Well, when it comes to stupidity, stubbornness, and ruthlessness, nothing beats Russians.

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