Learn About Every Country’s Biggest Export From This Interactive Map


Every economy depends on significantly on its exports. Some countries are famous for their exports, but there are some that could surprise you. If you have ever wondered what the biggest export of your country or your neighboring country is, this map by Bank of America Merrill Lynch will give you a visual insight on the major exports all over the world

The map is based on the data collected by the CIA World Factbook from 2014. The map only represents the export goods and not services. The color-coded map gives an idea of global market trends and a good idea of mineral and other resources of the world.

You may not be aware of many others, but everyone has a good idea of the oil resources of the Middle East. A lot of these countries on the map are coded with blue, representing their ample oil exports. One of the world’s biggest exports, oil is not limited to the Arab countries and Russia. The resources spread over to some Asian, a lot of sub-Sahara African, and a few South American countries, the economies of which rely significantly on their export.

While we are at the resources of the land, the mineral resources are of a notable mention. Color-coded in red, the earth minerals and metals are mined in several states of sub-Saharan Africa that export precious jewels and metals. South Africa alone houses three major international metal and mineral companies. Botswana and South Africa are the major players in diamond trade.

Europe is not known to be very rich regarding resources of the land, but when it comes to technology, it stands to be one of the leaders. Major exports from Europe comprise mostly of machinery and transportation equipment. Considering the popularity of brands like Volkswagen, Abarth, and Lamborghini, it is quite obvious who should be at the top in the automobile industry and machinery of the sort. Manufacturing equipment for civil and mechanical engineering purposes is mostly imported from Europe, all over the world.

USA and China, both marked with green are the biggest markets for electronics and technology in the world. The markets of both the countries are not limited to electronics. The aircraft market of both the superpowers falls only slightly behind their refined petroleum export which has significantly grown over the past few years.

In the textile arena, Mexico is among the major players. The competition begins to build with the promotion of fast fashion.

Food and drink, coded with a light blue color is another important international market. Somalia and Kenya are the major livestock and coffee exporters, which are the staples in most of the world. In the North, Denmark is the biggest exporter of seafood.

Opium continues to be a major export from Afghanistan while Burma has its economy based on wood products export.

The export map is just a small part of the report published by Bank of America Merril Lynch. It gives a detailed overview of the social media usage in the world, operational robotics usage, Public government debts of each country, and global Annual carbon dioxide emissions among others.

World politics depend significantly on the global exports and imports. The map, in turn, is a view of how the world is interconnected in a network of trade relationships and how much every part of the global economy depends on exports from other places. Diamonds may be mined in South Africa, but the cutting tools are from Germany. Europe leads in the automobile industry, but the fuel to run them comes from the Middle East and Russia.

Have a look at the detailed report here.

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