Man Hacks His Treadmill To Work As A PS4 Controller

Every growing man wants to be in good shape, and they decide to improve through their resolutions. But it’s not easy for most people. Many people would prefer spending time playing video-games. Would you believe me if I said you could exercise every day with the same interest you would like to play Fortnite with?

Allen Pan invented the idea of connected a treadmill to a PS4 controller in order to play the game virtually as well as in reality. In most games, for example, Fortnite, you have to shoot people you see, as well as run place to place. So with a broken treadmill, you can attach a relay to it, which is rated around 24 volts which can do the job since when you are walking on an off or broken treadmill at normal speed, the motor generates just about 24 volts as well.  So when you take the relay and connect it directly to the motor in the treadmill, you can control a circuit and turn it on or off by walking hard enough on the treadmill.

If you connect two relays to the motor with potentiometers, you can control two different circuits by walking or running, basically any two different speeds, with the threshold set with the potentiometers. Now the controller’s left joystick has two potentiometers that sense up-down movement and left-right movement. There’s also a push-button that lets you press the joystick down as L3. Solder the lead wires to the up-down potentiometer contacts and the L3 push-button contact and connect them to the walking and running relays. Then, walking on the treadmill fast enough should turn the walking relay on and that short-circuits the pot contacts which the controller will interpret as pushing forward.

These mechanics will make a treadmill work perfectly as a reality play-machine as well as a daily exercise treadmill. This new technology can both save time and stick you to your resolution to be fit and neither will you have to put down the controller for it. These mechanics work best for the game “Death Stranding” since the basic point of that game is walking from place to place like most games. So the controller can easily connect to the system and work with the game. You can run, walk, or slow down according to the number of relays you use. It’s simple if you do it correctly.

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