Japanese Artist Makes Dresses Out Of Rubber Bands

What’s the maximum usage we can think of taking out from rubber bands? Or the little stretchy strings are a good time pass for catapults. Little girls even make jewelry out of these colored bands. But can we think off of any further benefits?

You’ll be amazed to see the creativity of this young artist-to-be. Rie Sakamoto, a graduating art student has made entire clothes out of these stretchable bands. Knitting together many of these bands together, this student has blown our minds completely.

A final year student from Tama Art University considered giving rubber bands some time and effort for her final thesis. She thought beyond putting them into use for straps or playing projects. She worked on designing wearables from rubber bands. And her dedication gave the fabric industry a blow, with rubber bands made jackets, dresses, and much more.

Sakamoto looked deeper into the qualities this little thing had. She reflected upon extracting some different and unique uses from rubber bands than the conventional applications they are made for. She was inspired by the beauty a material fabricated with rubber bands can hold. And therefore, she worked to bring it into reality.

The pieces of art gained visible audience attention and appreciation in an exhibition of projects recently organized in Tokyo. The outstanding artwork is also displayed in her Twitter account, where people around the globe can praise her idea.

Undoubtedly, art and creativity know no bounds. The right direction and acknowledgment of efforts can untangle great ideas from the human brain. Students have a unique perspective of looking at the things they see around, and teachers are the door openers to a world of endless opportunities and dimensions for them. We believe these fancy clothing designs are also the result of someone who encouraged Rie for her idea and gave her the needed confidence required to bring her thoughts into reality. Kudos to such teachers around!

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