Watch This Man Live His Dream As He Zooms Around In His Iron Man Suit

Tony Stark isn’t the only millionaire cum superhero in the town. After the huge success of a rather rudimentary Indian Iron Man suit, here comes a more advanced and capable turbine-powered suit to blast you away! From ruling the roost on the cinema screens to the comic book world, it seems like Marvel and DC are about to spill over into this very soon.

One such example is a British tech startup Gravity, which is established by Richard Browning to develop a human propulsion system akin to the one used in the Iron Man suit. He uses miniaturized jet engines and a customized exoskeleton that aims to revolutionize the world of aviation.

Image Credits: Wired

The initial design was to use four turbines to perform assisted jumps. However, the team soon realized that by adding two additional ones with the leg mounts, they could levitate the suit off the ground. The final design now uses six kerosene-fueled micro gas turbines placed on the limbs and back of the manned-suit. The design also sends fuel information to the user via a WiFi connection, and can move at speeds as fast as 160 km/h (100 mph)!

Image Credits: Richard Browning

You can get your customized suit for an estimated cost of around $250,000. However, you must be physically fit with an average body weight for this system to work perfectly.

Watch the small documentary below to learn Richard’s story and journey.

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