Mamabreast Is A New Feeding Simulator That Helps You Prepare For Child Care


Although there are scores of pre-birth and child care classes available, both online and in the form of hands-on sessions; many people are still either too busy or feel too awkward to attend them. Nonetheless, one cannot deny that these sessions are probably one’s best bet for a smooth transition to the full-time job that is parenthood.

While this latest product can’t offer every benefit of a full-fledged class, ‘MamaBreast’ can help to some extent in teaching the mothers on how to nurse their newborns properly. MamaBreast is a one of its kind wearable simulator that allows realistic simulation of breastfeeding for the mother and helps her prepare for the real deal. MamaBreast comes with a Nifty Feeding Cup, which is made of a reusable product to help these mothers to prepare well for breastfeeding issues.

Pic Credits: Laerdal Global Health

While the product is made for individual use, the PreemieNatalie Preterm Simulator, MamaBreast and Nifty Feeding Cup together are excellent options to use in premature care training sessions. The Kangaroo Mother Care program has adjustable straps, making it comfortable to wear, along with providing proper breastfeeding positioning and attachment instructions.

Pic Credits: Laerdal Global health

If the whole package is used with MamaNatalie Birthing Simulator; the parents can simulate and practice pre-term labor and delivery as well as twin births. MamaBreast Breastfeeding Simulator is available for $60. However, with the addition of the PreemieNatalie package, the total cost will become $120.

You can learn more about this useful product through the video below:

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