Groundbreaking Gene-Editing Therapy Treats Cancer In Two Infants

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Scientists at Great Ormond Street Hospital have just released an incredible news spelling a breakthrough in the fight against cancer. They have just announced that infants who were diagnosed with an aggressive and previously incurable leukemia are now in remission, all thanks to the so-called “designer T cells.”

This is the first ever case of cancer being treated using genetically engineered immune cells from another person, and the details of the procedure and results were published on Wednesday in Science Translational Medicine.

The feat was accomplished by engineering an immune cell called a T cell, which directly attacks the cancerous cells. Blood is collected from donors, where healthy immune T-cells are isolated using a genetic engineering tool known as TALENs. Then certain T-cell genes are deactivated that allows them to go through unnoticed by the white blood cells, which normally would be attacked and rejected once transplanted into a leukemia patient.

The two infants, aged 11 and 16 months, had gone many treatments before this, but all in vain.  One of the infants, Layla Richards, who was diagnosed with cancer when only three months old, was in the spotlight fall last year when the doctors announced that she was vastly improving with just a few months of treatment.

But still, the scientists had been reluctant on claiming that she was cured, until now. Now, the scientists confidently stated that Richards is in remission, and they have applied the same technique on another baby and cured him as well.

In similar treatments, engineered T-cells have been highly successful against blood cancers, but the current technique offers a lot cheaper and faster cure. Promising, isn’t it?

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  1. Jo Reply

    This is the classic hype put out by the corporate culture, and their ignorant gullible naive profiteering apologists.

    “Groundbreaking” in terms of cancer would be if the criminal corporate medical business were to shift the focus on cancer PREVENTION instead of exposing the public to a highly profitable TREATMENTS which most often are highly toxic and damaging (yet these facts are routinely suppressed, denied, or minimized by the corrupt product “science” community).

    The official mainstream “war on cancer” has been an unofficial “war” on the unsuspecting public: to keep them misinformed and misguided about the real truth of this “war.” The “moonshot” program is an extension or reincarnation of the enduring deep racket.

    The orthodox cancer establishment has been saying a cure for cancer “is just around the corner” and “we’re winning the war on cancer” for decades. It’s all hype and lies (read Guy Faguet’s ‘War on cancer” or Sam Epstein’s work).

    Since the war on cancer began orthodox medicine hasn’t progressed in their basic highly profitable therapies: it still uses only highly toxic, deadly things like radiation, chemo, surgery, and drugs that have killed millions of people instead of the disease.

    As long as the official “war on cancer” is a HUGE BUSINESS based on expensive TREATMENTS/INTERVENTIONS of a disease instead of its PREVENTION, logically, they will never find a cure for cancer. The upcoming moonshot-war on cancer inventions, too, will include industry-profitable gene therapies of cancer treatment. The lucrative game of the medical business is to endlessly “look for” a cure but not “find” a cure. Practically all resources in the phony ‘war on cancer’ are poured into treating cancer but almost none in the prevention of the disease. It’s proof positive that big money and a total lack of ethics rule the official medical establishment.

    At the same time, this same orthodox cancer cartel has been suppressing and squashing a number of very effective and beneficial alternative cancer approaches. You probably guessed why: effective, safe, inexpensive cancer therapies are cutting into the astronomical profits of the medical mafia’s lucrative treatments. That longstanding decadent activity is part of the fraud of the war on cancer.

    If the public were to scrutinize what the medical industry and its government pawns are telling them about the ‘war on cancer’ instead of blindly believing what they’re saying, they’d find that the cancer industry and the cancer charities have been dismissing, ignoring, and obfuscating the true causes of cancer while mostly putting the blame for cancer on the individual, denying or dismissing the serious harms from orthodox cancer treatments, and resorting to deceptive cancer statistics to “educate” (think: mislead) the public that their way of treatment is actually successful (read the well referenced epilogue of a scholarly article if you google “A Mammogram Letter The British Medical Journal Censored” by Rolf Hefti and scroll down to the afterword that addresses the fraudulent ‘war on cancer’).

    What the medical establishment “informs” the public about is about as truthful as what the political establishment keeps telling them. Not to forget, the corporate media (the mainstream fake news media) is a willing tool to spread these distortions, lies, and the scam of the war on cancer.

    Do you really think it’s a coincidence that double Nobel laureate Linus Pauling called the ‘war on cancer’ a fraud? If you look closer you’ll come to the same conclusion. But…politics and self-serving interests of the conventional medical cartel, and their allied corporate media, keep the real truth far away from the public at large.

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