Make Your UPS Last Longer In Load Shedding With These Simple Tips


With the recent increase in number and duration of power outages, many people have installed UPS at their workplaces or at homes. However, using an UPS smartly and ensuring that it gives optimum efficiency is something that not everyone does and enjoys. So we decided to put up a guide composed of some basics which will help you get most out of your UPS. So read on and implement these tricks, let us know how it worked it out for you.

5. Wiring

Handyman working closeupWiring plays a crucial role in your UPS working efficiently and it is something which everyone must pay attention to. Now, the key idea is to have separate wiring for the appliances that you plan to run on UPS. Do not connect UPS to the current wiring or via mains. That being said, the choice of wiring will help you reduce the resistance in wire and this ultimately contributes to the UPS’ efficiency. As a general rule; the thicker the wire the less resistance it will pose to the current flowing in it, hence more efficiency.

4. Light Bulbs

Light bulbIf your UPS is giving less time and shuts down under an hour once the light goes out, then it is about time you realized that the traditional light bulbs will screw up your UPS and you need to take action! Discard these outdated bulbs and opt for LED or energy saving bulbs that will last longer and consume less energy, subsequently improving the UPS life and efficiency.

3. Phantom loads

PhantomNow this has been debated upon for quite some time and we currently have three school of thoughts on this; 1. It exists, 2. It doesn’t exist, 3. We don’t care. Now for you and your UPS sake; take our word for it that it does exist. Your appliances do draw current even when they are switched off and this small amount can also alter the efficiency of your UPS. As a general thumb rule; unplug the appliances that are not in use. This will reduce your electricity bill as well (you can thank us later.)

2. Batteries

UPS BatteryMaintenance of the batteries will make you a happy person. Ensure that the water level of batteries is up to the mark otherwise you will always keep on wondering that what is wrong with your UPS and why is it not giving you enough backup time.

1. Upgrade Appliances

FanOutdated appliances and old appliances both draw up more energy as compared to newer energy saving versions that have been introduced lately. Especially old fans consume far more energy as compared to the new and improved ones.  Either upgrade or replace such appliances and you will notice a visible change in the electricity bill and your UPS efficiency.

Smart PracticesRemember, it is always about making smart choices. You can’t complain about your UPS timing if you are running a desktop and TV on UPS. Opt for energy saving attitude even when the UPS is working or when it’s not working. The idea is to conserve energy and that will help you in the longer run.


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