Make Your Own Stone Pathway Like An Engineer

Step 7

Gardening is surely a fun hobby. However, like every hobby it requires time, dedication and a certain amount of commitment. No, this article is not about gardening, but rather about how you can tweak your garden by incorporating a stone pathway. What’s so special about this particular kind? It is convenient and not messy at all. The key idea is to employ the use of a mold and a color in order to come up with a pathway of your own choice of color. Apart from the mold you will need cement, water and color.

Moving on to the steps;

  1. First of all you will have to decide the path where you want the pathway to be set and then clear that area of any grass.Step 1 Step 1a
  2. Next step involves the placement of mold on the ground and push it downwards so that the imprints provides you with an idea regarding the finished design the pathway will have. Step 2
  3. The next step deals with the mixing of cement and water in accordance with the directions that are present on the packaging.Step 3
  4. The step four is optional; if you want the cement’s color look then you can skip this step whereas if you want a colored pathway then you will be required to add liquid cement coloring to the mixture of water and cement. Step 4 Step 4 a
  5. Once the mixture has been thoroughly mixed and the required workability has been achieved then it’s time for pouring to take place. You will be required to place the frame on the ground at the designated spot and pour the mixture in while ensuring that no air pockets are formed.Step 5
  6. The next step deals with the smoothing off the cement that is present in the mold and scraping off the excess mixture from the top and adding it back to the mixture.  Step 6 Step 6 a
  7. Now you need to lift the frame off the concrete with care and then proceed with rounding the edges until the required roundness is achieved.Step 7
  8. Now keep moving the mould forward in the direction of the pathway and repeating the steps.

Finished ProductAnd that is how you can build a DIY pathway which looks like a stone pathway.



  1. andre Reply

    where can I buy the frame mold, I cant find here Saudi Arabia

  2. Mike Reply

    Great till you see the finished image at the bottom with a cracked slab already.

    • kiros vavliaras Reply

      you make it yourshelf why buy it if you can do it yourshelf

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