Add Space To Your Home With These 15 Tricks

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Keeping your home organized is a difficult task. Making a place for every item where it can be easily found whenever needed, takes a certain amount of planning and organizational skills. Luckily, this list of 15 space saving tips will help you not only organize your home, but also create a little extra room for your belongings.

1. Adding shelves to the door of your closet is a great way to save space in your room. You will not only free up more space within your closet, but will also be able to easily organize the smaller items in  your room.

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2. If you have really thin, empty spaces that just collect dust, add a slide-out storage to the area. They make a great extension for your fridge and provide you with extra cabinet space.

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3. If you have really deep cabinets, trays give you an easy solution to access the space at the back without ever losing an item. Adding trays under your sink is sure to make life a little easier.

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4. Usually in closets, you hang your clothes on the top and keep your shoes at the bottom. Utilize the space in between by adding chains to hang more clothes.

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5. A storage bench gives serves two purposes but only takes the space of one. Now you have more seats and a place to store some of the larger random items.

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6. Utilize the back of the door of your cupboard and cabinets using back-door shelving. Make sure that your cabinet has the proper dimensions to support extra shelves on the inside before you install them.

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7. You can’t have too many mirrors in your home. So why not carve out a small space in the wall and conceal it with a mirror to have a great hidden storage compartment.

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8. Doors are used in the home all the time. What isn’t used, is the space behind them. Add a slim shelf behind the door to store small items and save a lot of space.

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9. Your home has a lot of blank spaces that you aren’t using at all. Add shelves to these spaces to store items and make them easily available during your everyday routine. 

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10. Similarly, the space above some shelves, also remains unused (mainly because its hard to reach). Use the space to store items that you don’t use often, by putting them in decorative baskets and placing them above the shelves.

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11. The space underneath cabinets also has potential to save you a lot of space. Remove the kick boards and install drawers to instantly have more space in your kitchen.

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12. In most tall cupboards, only half the space is being utilized. Add a tray divider to give you an extra shelf within the shelf so that you don’t leave any space wasted. 

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13. Lazy Susans not only give you extra space, but also make things more organized and easily accessible. Install them almost anywhere, from your fridge to your pantry.

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14. A pegboard closet wall is a great and simple way to keep your smaller belongings off the floor, in sight and at hand. You will never lose your accessories again once you install it.

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15. The space between you cabinets and countertops is also wasted space. Add a set of shelves or a drawer to make your kitchen more spacious and organized. 

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