Make Your Keyboard Germ Free By Following These Simple Steps


Did you know that your keyboard has more germs in it than your toilet? Did you know that you could get ill because of this germ occupied keyboard of yours? Therefore while pressing the keys of your keyboard you are exposing yourself to hundreds of viruses. Common cold is a result of such exposures. So the cleanliness of your keyboard must be considered an important task for your own health and that of your family.

Here is a simple way of  cleaning your keyboard, and saving you from many viral diseases.

Take a butter knife to remove the keys.


Make sure you remove them gently.

Look at all the dirt hiding  behind the keys


This, you see, is the root cause of certain mysterious kind of flu in your homes.

The next step is to fill a jar with the keys


Make sure you close the lid tightly.

Fill the jar with a dish soap and water.


Shake the jar well, such that it you see the soapy water. Take out  all the anger you had over those bacteria that caused the flu.


Then take out all the keys in a container and pour some cold water over them.


The next step is to let the keys dry on a paper towel.


Make sure that you lay the keys flat so that none of the water stays in the keys.

Now it is time to clean your keyboard.



Lay your keyboard upside down and tap it gently so that all the dust goes away.

The compressed air sprays really help blow away all the dust.


Do not forget to wipe off your keyboard with a disinfecting cloth.


Place all the keys back



If you do not remember the position, use a picture of a key board to place the keys at their right places.


  1. Subramaniam Lakshminarayanan Reply

    You want to do all this for $5 keyboard ?
    I’d rather simply throw away the old one and begin life with a new one.
    BTW, I’m sure we’ll end up either losing or breaking atleast one key each time we do this cleaning…

    • Ferit Reply

      what if you have a laptop 🙂 Then you probably follow these steps

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