Make Your Bike Smart With This Cool Little Gadget


Cycling must be promoted throughout the world to help our crippled environment recover from the losses occurred due to emissions from internal combustion engines. But, it is only in few countries of the world that separate lanes for bikers even exist on the main roads where bikers can feel safe while paddling away to their destination. Instead, they have to mix in with all the motorized vehicles and dodge them from time to time to avoid accidents. Despite these dangers and unforgiving traffic, bicycles continue paddling on. To help more than 600 million of this daring lot around the world, SmartHalo company’s useful attachment gives a workable technology that the average cyclist needs during his daily endeavours.


The basic idea is that a device should always be with a biker that can help him travel from A to B safely. One of the main difficulties in making any product of this kind is its ability to work with the vehicle seamlessly and naturally. SmartHalo is one of these devices, and it will help the bikers find secure routes towards their destination with ease and tell all the important information needed. It is a device that fits into the bicycle really well, is tamper proof and intuitive to use according to the company’s website.


The basic design involves a military grade locking system that will attach the gadget to the bike at the handlebar. An intuitive navigation systems connecting to your device will give you the quickest and safest route on which to travel. A smart data handling system will track your progress, and you will be able to see your usage stats. A robust anti-theft system is also deployed in the SmartHalo that connects with the smartphone and recognizes it. When the phone isn’t in range, its motion sensor comes in life and any attempt to steal your bike results in an alarm. Also, the software is incredibly user-friendly, and there is no need to tweak it more than necessary. As soon as you start pedalling, the data comes flowing into your device. There is no need to scroll through endless menus and select the optimum option. It is as easy as it sounds. The entire purpose of their test and trial of this part of their system was to make it as easy as possible and takes hardly any time to kick in.

But since a perfect product is this category isn’t easy to make, they are very careful about their timelines and want to give an honest opinion about what their SmartHalo will be capable of doing. Having funded their project on their own for some time, it is no secret that they will have to accomplish so much on the hardware sector to make the device successful. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in which they generated 300,000  dollars plus with an initial target of 50,000 $, the company aims to ship by May 2016 so they will have several months of crucial planning and development waiting for them. The campaign still has 17 days to go so do check it out on Kickstarter.

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