Make this Awesome DIY Barometer And Predict Daily Weather Accurately

Barometer DIY

How many times have been told that it will be a clear sunny day by Google? As a result, you are tricked to leave your leave your umbrella behind.  Halfway through to your office, you end up drenched to your skin from a quick rainy session due to “local” build ups. Well, I say you can dump these inaccurate predictions from satellites thousands of meters and make this cool DIY barometer that can predict weather really well! It only takes a glass jar, a pen, a straw, some rubber bands and a balloon to do so.
DIY barometer

Here is how you make it:

The operating principle of the barometer is simple. The pressure of the atmosphere is essential for predicting the weather. When the barometer’s pressure is greater than the pressure of the air, the pencil will go up from the normal position and the weather is bound to change. Since each area has a different interpretation of high and low temperature, the barometer takes some time as we have to note down weather at each gradient with the help of descriptions. Once the instrument has been calibrated, it will give you accurate predictions of the weather around you.

So now you have a reliable weather warning system present right on your table. Take a look at it before going outside and you will be saved from the extreme conditions a lot of times!


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