Luxury Cruise Ship Passengers Witness The Water Turning Red With Blood As They Dock

Luxury cruise ship passengers were greeted with a horrifying sight as their ship docked in the capital of the Faroe Islands, Tórshavn, over the weekend. As the ship arrived, locals were engaged in the age-old practice of hunting and butchering long-finned pilot whales in the nearby bay, causing the surrounding waters to be tainted with blood. The shocking scene left passengers traumatized and prompted an apology from the cruise ship operator, Ambassador Cruise Line.

In their apology, Ambassador Cruise Line expressed strong opposition to the outdated practice and disappointment that it coincided with their ship’s visit. The annual hunt of pilot whales, known as grindadráp, has been a centuries-old tradition in the Faroe Islands. During the hunt, hunters encircle the whales with boats and drive them into shallow bays where they are then slaughtered by men wielding knives.


The recent hunt resulted in the killing of more than 500 dolphins since its resumption in May, drawing widespread criticism from activist and conservationist groups. The Blue Planet Society, a volunteer pressure group, referred to the hunt as a “sickening massacre of pilot whales.” However, locals have historically defended the practice, with Faroese whale expert Bjarni Mikkelsen stating their pride in the tradition and their intention to continue it as long as they see fit.

The outrage sparked by the incident has led to suggestions from netizens on how to address the issue. Some users proposed excluding the Faroe Islands from cruise ship routes altogether, urging companies to refrain from supporting the local economy until the practice of whaling is halted. This approach emphasizes the power of consumer choices and the potential impact they can have on effecting change.

Tórshavn’s event has roused an argument about the morality of ritualistic customs involving animal slaughter. Some feel that old-aged heritage is worth preserving, however others firmly think animal wellbeing and green conservation should take precedence.

The conversation’s still going on, but it’s uncertain how this incident will affect the connection between cruise liners and the Faroe Islands in the future. Will it lead to a complete rethink of tourism plans? Or will conservation efforts be stepped up? The shocking sight of red-stained oceans is certainly a vivid indication of how complex traditional practices can be within a cutting-edge world.

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