This Chinese University Requires Students To Lose Weight For Good Grades

China’s new quest to beat America at everything seems to have adopted America’s ever lasting problem of obesity too. A recent study showing a greater percentage of obese men and women in China as compared to that in US has compelled the administration of this particular university to change its policies towards obese students, at least within the domain of the university.

Nanjing Agriculture University is now offering special weight-loss program for its obese students where the grading criteria is strictly based on how much pounds they have shed and how well they are performing in class.

This unique idea was brought on the table by Professor Zhou Quanfu, a lecturer at the Nanjing Agriculture University after he discovered that most of his students think exercise or any kind of physical activity is pointless. He decided to give them a little motivation by the weight-loss program according to which sixty percent of each students grades depend on the weight they have lost. In this new scoring criteria, grades by curricular activities only account for forty percent of the total grade. Now only those students will receive full grades who have their weight reduced by at least 7 per cent of their total weight by the end of the semester.

While other non-obese students have only one PE class in a week, those who are enrolled in weight-loss program will have to attend three fitness classes per week, each having a time of 90 minutes. These students are required to do sit-ups, jogging, planking, stair climbing and a lot of cardio.

Students are also required to follow a diet plan necessary for their weight-loss. They need to keep a record of their daily calorie intake and are strictly required to upload pictures of their meals to get feedback from professional nutritionists.

As intimidating as it sounds, the program is giving astonishing results with one student managing to lose weight from 110 kg to 84.5 kg.  Zhou Quanfu believes that his students will cater their problem of obesity, if not for their health, at least for good grades.

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