These Are Some Of The Most Amazing Borders Around The World

Apart from different sightseeing spots in different countries, some countries have the most beautiful borders that are a sight to see. Let us take a look at a few

Border Between Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary (Source: Quora)

The three benches signify three countries. This point is located outside the capital of Slovakia where the three countries meet.

Border between Norway and Sweden (Source: Quora)

The snow-capped trees on either side of the snowy road belong to the two different Scandinavian countries.

Border between Ukraine and Poland (Source: Quora)

The small dirt road separates Poland (on the left) and Ukraine (on the right)

Border between Spain and Portugal (Source: Quora)

You can take a zipline from Spain right into Portugal.

Border between Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. (Source: Quora)

These naturally flowing rivers Iguazu and Parana act as naturally formed borders between the three countries.

The border between Brazil and Argentina. (Source: Quora)

Iguazu falls, from where the Iguazu river originates is the one that separates the two southamerican neighbors.

The border between Sweden and Norway (Source: Quora)

This simple bridge is one that separates the Scandinavian countries.

The border between Netherlands and Belgium (Source: Quora)

With this simple border, you can have one foot in Belgium and the other in Netherlands.

The border between Iraq and Iran (Source: Quora)

The straight line marks the borders of Iraq and Iran.

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