Have A Look At How Internet Humor Went Ballistic At The Launch Of iPhone X


The world is dying for iPhones. Not for food or water, but for iPhones. No, I am not kidding. Do you look at the long lines that people destroy themselves in, each time the new iPhone comes out? I honestly would not wait that long in the line even for a free pizza. Remember, the iPhone X freaking costs $999? Yeah, that little gadget was madly anticipated by the Apple lovers, but others did not welcome it too well.

You may never want to or afford to get your hands on that super expensive phone, but hilarious Tweets and internet memes are the things that will come free to you.

Oh, the tasteless, humorless, and never endingĀ make-up jokes.

I guess Saudia Arabia is just not the market for the iPhone X.


Who would have thought of this?

Animoji? Kind of like the Snapchat filters, but so many more of them.

Get creative!

How will the world ever get over the #FaceID demo disaster?

Didn’t they think of it?

So many questions!

Remember the jokes, the iPhone kidney jokes?

Yeah, if you want the iPhone X, a kidney won’t be enough. It costs an entire human life. No really, theĀ 256Gb at $1,149 costs more than the MacBook Air.

No one cares about the iPhone 8. Why would you upgrade the name from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8, only to get no upgrades at all?

No, seriously!

That was distracting! Back to the iPhone X or the iPhone 10, same thing. What happened to the iPhone 9? Is the number 9 cursed?

Well, we don’t know if you are an Apple lover or not, but it was a big disappointment. No need to sell your kidney now!


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