Listen To A Festival Crowd Viciously Booing Videos About How Great AI Is At A Conference

At the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, not all audience members were thrilled about artificial intelligence (AI), and they made their feelings known by booing during a brief video on the topic that played ahead of a screening.

The video, a conference sizzle reel, featured several industry leaders speaking positively about AI. Speakers included Peter Deng, vice president of consumer product at OpenAI, and Sandy Carter, COO of Unstoppable Domains, among others. However, Carter’s call to “be an AI thinker” and Abovitz’s advice to “leverage AI” were met with loud boos from the audience.

In response to the backlash, Carter stated that her panel on the future of AI at SXSW was a standout event with high audience engagement. However, the other panelists shown in the sizzle reel did not comment on the incident.

The audience at SXSW likely consisted of professionals from the film industry, including actors and screenwriters who were recently on strike. AI was a major concern during the strike negotiations, leading to concessions from studios regarding its use in rewriting scripts and reproducing actors’ likenesses digitally.

The impact of AI on the film industry continues to grow, with startups actively working on integrating AI into various production processes. OpenAI’s announcement of its generative video tool, Sora, earlier this year prompted concerns from industry figures like Tyler Perry, who canceled the expansion of his film studios over fears of job loss.

Although there are some obstacles, artificial intelligence in filmmaking is expanding into post-production areas such as digital and sound effects. But there are signs that artificial intelligence could play a bigger role in the future of business.

The latest advertisements created by Under Armor with the help of artificial intelligence have further increased concerns about the impact of artificial intelligence on the business world. Critics of the use of AI have been labeled “nonsense” by some in the industry, underscoring the ongoing debate over the role of AI in video games.

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