LG’s New OLED Display Is So Thin That It Can Be Rolled Like A Newspaper

LG Shows Off Its 18-inch OLED Display At CES 2016

Welcome to CES 2016 – full of amazing gadgets and ideas and what not. LG is all set to unveil its 18-inch OLED display that, as per the company, ‘can be rolled up like a newspaper’.LG Shows Off Its 18-inch OLED Display At CES 2016 2

The technology has already been introduced by Sharp, Sony and Samsung. However, Samsung is the only manufacturer that has incorporated this technology in a smartphone; G Flex. The phone is already in its second-generation phase.

The OLED lighting technology sports a display that has pixels, which react to electrical current as opposed to LED where backlighting and a fixed panel of pixels is employed. The flexible display are possible thanks to OLED lighting technology – the curvature doesn’t affect the flow of current and hence the reaction of pixels to it.LG Shows Off Its 18-inch OLED Display At CES 2016

LG is hopeful that it can make use of curved displayed in different sorts of gadgets or internal spaces such as the panel of a car. We have our fingers crossed for what LG has in store for us!


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