Let’s Take A Walk Around Apple’s New Campus, The Spaceship

Apple’s New Campus, The Spaceship 1

Workspaces are a reflection of people working in them. You try to inhibit that and you’d be compromising on productivity. That is exactly why companies are doing their best to cultivate workspaces that promote community and productivity. The idea is to make the workplace into something fun and yet productive. Apple has taken a somewhat similar approach to this. Phil Schiller, Apple’s head marketing chief has recently stated, “Across the board, our goal is to make the best in the categories we choose to compete in.”

apple spaceship location

Apple’s New Campus, The Spaceship 3

No one can argue with this statement, those of you who are planning to do so; the last quarterly revenue of Apple of 51.5 billion. Considering all this, it comes as no surprise that Apple is looking to expand its office quarters. The new campus has been named as ‘The Spaceship’ and is being built about a mile away from the current headquarters in Cupertino, CA.Apple’s New Campus, The Spaceship 2 Apple’s New Campus, The Spaceship

The circular building covers an area of 2.8 million sq. ft. and sports a section in middle that is open and slated for greenery. Schiller said, “This is going to be the most incredible collaborative space that’s been created” about the new campus.

Apple’s New Campus, The Spaceship 1

Youtuber and drover, Duncan Sinfield, has been able to catch some footage of the Spaceship that is currently under construction, and it looks fantastic.

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