Ingenious Window Design Lets You Enjoy Sunshine As If You Are Outside

More Sky – Catch Some Sun While Staying In 4

The way buildings are nowadays, it is becoming increasingly difficult to incorporate balconies and gardens in them. However, Aldana Ferrer Garcia has come up with an ingenious fix to this problem by extending window frame that allows users to catch some sun-rays while remaining inside.More Sky – Catch Some Sun While Staying In 4

It is only a concept so far and has been termed as More Sky. It will be built from wood and will comprise of a wooden frame, several sections of glass along with a padded seat. Garcia said that it could be retrofitted to a number of window frame types.More Sky – Catch Some Sun While Staying In 3

Garcia, Brooklyn based designer and architect came up with three styles of frames and the most interesting one allows the user to recline and hang out over the building’s site. Although those who are afraid of height might not like the idea but it sure does appeal to those who are looking forward to naturally increasing their Vitamin D intake. Garcia said, “More Sky is a cozy corner for the home that provides visual relief, access to sunlight and fresh air for small apartments. As an attempt to understand the threshold between ID and architecture, this project is conceived as an object and a space at the same time, responding to current needs in densely populated cities.”More Sky – Catch Some Sun While Staying In More Sky – Catch Some Sun While Staying In 2

It was created as part of a thesis but we would definitely like to see it get implemented and it just might make its way to the high-end apartments. Let’s see how well it pans out and whether it gets the exposure it needs.

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