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Learn How Water Towers Work Using This Cool Video

We are sure that you have seen this structural building in your city numerous times. Do you know what it is for? We are talking about water towers! They are probably the most visible piece of a public water system and can be seen across your neighborhoods.

Have you ever questioned their existence? Are they really filled with water? Why do we need a tower filled with water in the first place? How do we transport water from them? If you have, then you are in luck! We have for you a video that will explain how a water storage tank works and why it is important.

Water towers or water storage tanks are filled with water, but you cannot drink from them similar to a water fountain. They are constructed for providing water in case of an emergency. Have you noticed that there are many utilities that go out depending upon the weather situation except the water supply? During a storm, you will most likely lose electric power. The telephone or television service will also exhibit interference from time to time. But what about your water supply?

As it happens, water systems are the most reliable systems out there, and water towers make sure that they remain reliable. They are available in all sizes and shapes. However, their working principle is the same. Simply put, water towers are simply elevated tanks of water.

During an emergency, water systems need reserves of water to make sure that people can continue their lives without any hiccup. By building elevated water storage tanks, the water system is able to pump the water to the residents without breaking a sweat. The height of the water storage tank helps it to gain the pressure needed for making sure that water is transported to the residents of the area.

What follows is a video by Grady Hillhouse from Public Works on how water towers work. Check it out and let us know what you think of it!