World’s Largest Twin Towers To Be Built In China

Fenghuang Twin Towers 2

China sure likes to come out with a bang, doesn’t it? So what has it done this time? Well it is more about what it will be doing soon rather than what it has done. China, if everything goes as planned, will be home to the world’s largest pair of towers all thanks to the Chetwoods Architects, a UK based company and their Phoenix Towers Concept.Fenghuang Twin Towers 4

The proposal is for Wuhan, Central China where the larger tower will reach a height of 3,280 ft and shall house a plethora of sustainable technology. The towers cover a total of 17 acres on ground in a 116 acres plot that is located on an island in a lake. The design incorporates the mythological phoenix bird and the larger tower is the male tower (Feng), while the female tower (Huang) is the smaller tower. The towers are collectively known as Fenghuang (or Chinese Phoenix).

Chinese Phoenix Towers

As per the plan; the top of each tower will sport a number of green technologies that includes lightweight photovoltaic cladding, biodynamic pollution-absorbing coatings, thermal chimneys, wind turbines, water harvesting and recycling, waste recycling, and hydrogen fuel cells.Fenghuang Twin Towers 3 Fenghuang Twin Towers 5

According to the company, all these incorporated technologies will allow the towers to generate enough power to cater to the needs of tower whereas the excessive energy shall be provided to the surrounding area. As of now, the firm awaits the approval that will be given by the Mayor of Wuhan (what are you waiting for, say yes already!) Once that happens the construction will begin next year and shall take about another 3 years to complete with the cost of construction being speculated at $1.2 billion. This has gotten us excited already. All the best for the construction!

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