How Cooling Towers Would Help Your Home From High Temperature

Temperature regulation in human dwellings has been a problem even during cave age. Cold temperatures are easy to control by generating heat and also wearing warm clothing. Excessive heat is one of the major challenges in the regulation of temperatures in homes since mostly it results due to environment and a small part contributed by the appliances used by man.

There are many inventions created by man to overcome this problem which includes ventilation, fans, windows, refrigerated air conditioning among others.

A cooling tower is an architectural design which helps in regulating heat in a building. Cooling towers use water stream in its system so as to lower temperature in a building. How cooling towers would help your home from high temperature is through the mechanism they use to circulate cool air to the attached building and to eject the hot air out.  Cooling towers may be seen as an expensive investment when designing a home but in the long run, the system saves the owner house running expenses. A cooling tower running expenditure is minimal as compared to other cooling systems that may be used at homes.

We provide the right answers and solution for cooling towers to you. Homeowners and those of you who are planning on building a home should consider implementing cooling towers in your building. Unlike other methods of regulating temperatures in homes a cooling tower will provide a permanent solution.

Facts about Cooling Towers

Currently, there are manufactured cooling towers which a homeowner just buys as a complete unit and the supplier or other experts can do the installation without much structural change of the building.

  • Cooling towers vary in size depending on their application and the amount of heat generated.
  • Cooling towers were developed in the 19th century.
  • They are the most cost-effective system of cooling in terms of running costs.
  • In terms of efficiency, they offer the best for where there is a need for cooling.
  • Cooling towers are used in buildings to remove heat thus regulating temperatures.
  • They are also used in industries and manufacturing concerns where they are big in size.
  • Cooling towers work on the principle of evaporation. They reduce the heat of the exposed surface by releasing it to the air.
  • Cooling towers do not pollute the environment since what is emitted to the atmosphere is water vapor.

Finding the Right Answers

You trying to find answers concerning how cooling towers would help your home from high temperature may not be an easy find.

This is because cooling towers since their invention were mainly aimed at regulating temperatures in industries which produced excessive heat in their system. Basically, home designers incorporate another mechanism of cooling a house when designing houses.

This article will help you solve the questions concerning cooling towers and their application in homes.

Is cooling tower the same thing as a chiller?

You should also note that a cooling tower is not the same as the traditional chiller both in design and operation.

How does a cooling tower work?

Cooling towers have a fan which regulates air flow. When the evaporation takes place the water in the system loses heat. The cooled water enters the tower sump at the bottom it then goes back to the top to cool the source of heat in a cycle form.

Questions asked about cooling towers

What is the cost of making a cooling tower for home use?

The cost for a cooling tower varies depending on several facts ranging from:

  • Type of the cooling tower because of the cooling tower parts used.
  • The size of the cooling tower.
  • Structural design.

For how long a cooling tower remain in service?

Cooling towers can remain operational for up to 20 years. The life expectancy is prolonged by the use of proper maintenance and water treatment.

What is the size of a cooling tower?

Cooling tower for a home can be a small roof-top unit which will be serving a house comfortably. The size is also determined by the amount of heat needed to be regulated.

What are the benefits of cooling towers over other cooling systems?

A cooling tower is cheaper to install than refrigerated air conditioning. The cost is half or less. The operational costs are also low which may be 25% of the refrigerated air conditioning running expenses.

Evaporative cooling tower is easy to operate because cooling tower parts do not include a compressor. This reduces power spikes experienced with a refrigerated air conditioning system. Cooling towers also do not require refrigerants which are expensive plus they are proven pollutants of the environment.

Cooling tower is proven to be energy efficient since it draws relatively low current as compared to other air conditioning system.

There is low maintenance cost because the only cooling tower parts requiring repairs are the fan and the water pump which their cost is minimal and installation is easy. Due to this fact maintenance services are not must to be provided by the installing company.

Cooling tower evaporation cool water effectively which keeps a building free of excessive heat from hot water. This is achieved by raising the humidity of the surrounding areas.  

A cooling tower operates quietly thus the user is spared from disruption and requirement of soundproofing.

Are there different types of cooling towers?

Cooling towers are classified using different categories with each having different types of the cooling tower. The categories are based on some of the following criteria:

  • Shape of the complete tower also may be used in categorization.
  • Air-flow – This is the direction the air is using when circulating inside the tower.
  • Construction whether attached to the building or detached etc.
  • Material used: There are some made of Fiber Reinforced Plastic while others of Galvanized Aluminum.
  • Heat transfer method under which there are Dry cooling towers, Open circuit cooling towers and closed circuit cooling towers also known as fluid cooling towers.

Now you know all about how cooling towers would help your home from high temperature and that they are energy efficient with minimal maintenance cost. Install cooling towers to lower your home temperatures and live comfortably.

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