Learn How To Draw A Perfect Free Hand Circle EVERY Time With This Cool Trick

Perfect circle

Ask anyone and the answer to the question, can you draw a perfect circle freehand, will be no. If you are among those who suck at drawing a perfect circle; rejoice, for we have found the ultimate hack that you can use for the creation of perfect circles. The technique requires minimal practice and soon you would be cranking out perfect circles.

DaveHax has a video on his Youtube channel where he shows off his skills and how amazingly simple the process really is. The idea is to make use of part of your hand or fingers as a pivot point and then ensuring that you keep the pen stationary while rotating the paper with your free hand. By using different areas of your hand as the pivot point, you’ll be able to create circles of varying size. Check out the video below to learn in detail how this works.

That seems quite easy, right? Well, better get to it and perfect the technique!

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