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Learn How To Create A LEGO Paper Shredder On Your Own

LEGO is always fun to play with as kids, right? However, that doesn’t imply that adults can’t have a bit of fun with the famous toy. So, what exactly happens when you place a piece of paper among a bunch of LEGO gears altogether and then make use of a battery pack to make the gears rotate? You get a LEGO paper shredder!

We all have played using LEGO during our childhood and created some wonderful items in a miniature world where we had LEGO houses, LEGO cars, and LEGO spaceships. As adults, we tend to not utilize them in the same manner and with the same level of zeal.

There are some who still find the use of LEGO in their adult lives by creating life-size versions of cars, buildings, and what not using LEGO. However, what we have for you today is a LEGO paper shredder. Now, this is something that has the potential to become your desk assistant!

Most offices have a paper shredder – a machine about the size of a printer that is used for destroying confidential papers for making sure that they are not misused or mishandled. The paper shredder shreds the paper into tiny pieces. Now imagine having a colorful LEGO paper shredder in your office that could be used for ripping up your fortune cookie paper.

The device is made completely using LEGO gears and carries out the intended task elegantly. The creator of LEGO paper shredder tried different variations of LEGO gears. While most of them only ended up crumpling the paper, the creator was able to find the right combination where the paper actually ends up completely shredded. You can check out the video below and learn how to create your very own LEGO paper shredder. Do let us know what you think of it!