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12 Design Tricks You Can Use To Effectively Utilise Space In Your Home

The apartment lifestyle has forced us to live in these tiny cellars. Most of us can’t simply afford to have bigger places, and we can’t move out because of our careers. But what we can do is that we can free as much space as possible. But, the piling up of stuff in your stores isn’t going to free up space, these design tricks are:

1. Hidden Cabinet Trash cans

Trash cans are a source of nuisance plus bad odours. This hack can make both of these disappear.

2. PVC Pipe Shoe Storage

It even looks artistic.

3. A sliding food storage

That extra space beside the refrigerator can be used for installing a sliding food cabinet. Use the color of the fridge to make it look like a part of the refrigerator.

4. A Multipurpose Bedroom and Reading area

The coolest arrangement we have seen for a while. The bed is retractable.

5. Folding spaces for Appliances

Irons, shakers, and even laptops can be used in a folding arrangement.

6. The Cupboard under the stairs

Since Harry Potter has already moved out, the space can be used to make a storage unit.

7. Bed frames with storage underneath

Hide away all your precious items underneath and guard over it overnight.

8. Family Room with Deluxe Storage Options

Well, it has snowballed closets. Look at the amount of space available! And you can use the place for other purposes too.

9. Minimizable Bunk beds

To free up space for the day time.

10. Underground storage for offices.

Don’t hide your drug stash over here, please.

11. Heel Storage from the shelf

Look what Santa brought this time around.

12. Mounted Bikes

This design is quite regular these days. On the ground, the bikes take a lot of space and always have a danger of crashing to the ground.