Top Mac OS X Cleanup Tricks For Beginners


As a new Mac OS X user, you likely have little knowledge of tips to make your Mac run faster. Well, one of the major challenges that we all struggle with is space management. When your storage space runs low, your device begins to slow down, which can be very annoying. Well, it is frustrating when you can’t complete your task on time or download your favorite video because your Mac OS X device is either too slow or space-suffocated. In this article, we share some tricks that will help elevate your Mac OS X experience. 

Get Rid of Applications that you don’t Use

If you run a quick audit on your applications, you will find out that several applications occupy a large share of space, yet you don’t need them. Take time to check which applications take a lion share of your disk space and delete them. Just open The “Finder” window and choose “Applications.” Hit the “Show items in a list” icon and sort them by size. Drag those applications that don’t have much value to you and drop them to the Trash. 

Clean Junk to Make Mac Faster

Every time you run an application on your computer, a cache might be created to enable the app to run faster. It is a nice way to improve the speed of your machine, but there is nothing good about storing lots of junk files, at least if you care about saving some space. Keep in mind that these files do not delete automatically and will keep on accumulating. With time they will eat up your Mac OS X space and slow it down. The remedy is to frequently run disk cleanup that will make mac faster and smooth. Just look for a suitable Mac disc cleaner to get rid of this junk and improve your experience.

Empty your Trash

Trash is the Mac equivalent of Recycle Bin in Windows. When you delete a file or an application, your Mac will throw them to the Trash bin. The logic is to allow users to seamlessly reinstall or trace the files they deleted if still required. With more files deposited here, more memory is colonized by the Trash and ends up slowing your computer. Since you made your mind to remove these files, simply empty your trash bin and free more space in your hard drive. To empty your Trash, click and hold the Trash icon. Click the “Empty Trash” option that subsequently pops up. 

Clean Up iTunes Backups

If you backed up your iOS devices to your Mac via iTunes, then these backups are eating a huge space in your Mac’s hard drive. It is not surprising to find space worth of GBs on your hard drive assigned to iTunes backup! Nevertheless, you can delete iOS backups manually or use a cleanup tool. The latter is better because it shows the names of your backups. This way, you can’t delete your backups blindly. 

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of other useful tricks that will ensure faster performance for your Mac OS X device. Nevertheless, the few outlined are top-proven hacks that should make your experience faster and exciting!

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